Paulina Dávila does a series with Karol G and Sofía Vergara

Paulina Davila will premiere in October the drama series “Griselda”in which he shared credits with Sofia Vergara and the singer Carol G., who became good friends during filming. The project was recorded in splanglishas revealed by the girlfriend of Juan Pablo Medina.

“The truth was incredible, it was a great experience, we filmed the series a year ago in Los Angeles, it was my first job in the United States,” he said exclusively for Colombian actress.

According to Dávila, she has always felt like a nomadic woman, who likes to emigrate and declared that she had really enjoyed working alongside her countrymen Sofía Vergara and Karol G, considering them wonderful, talented and above all generous artists.

“No matter what you do or where you are, you must always be very faithful to who you are and that is, how not to lose your essence”

Paulina Davila.

Paulian Dávila, Sofía Vergara and Karol G together in a series. Photo: Gettyimages

Paulina Dávila reveals what it was like to work in Hollywood

Paulina Dávila is an actress who has worked in Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Spain, but he acknowledged that working in Los Angeles “is another industry” because they have a very different way of doing things, such as the language they use, the size of the sets and also the work codes they use.

“It requires working on sets in Downtown LA, where such big and important things have been recorded. It’s exciting, it led me to reconnect with that desire, which initially prompted me to want to act, like with that girl who dreamed very big and to remember that it’s okay to dream and well, the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t happen, but there is than to try.”

“Griselda” is a series in Splanglish

“Griselda” is the series of Netflix in which he participates Paulina Davila and in which she plays Sofía Vergara’s assistant, a project that was recorded in spanglish: “There is this hybrid again, which I think is very important to represent because there is nothing wrong with crossing languages, there are many people who live that way.”

“My character was very close to Sofía’s, I had to be with her a lot, it was very nice, it’s something different for everyone’s career,” he said.

Finally, the 34-year-old Colombian declared that Karol G’s work “was amazing”, described her as a very committed woman and is grateful for having met her along the way and during the process of creating the series.

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Paulina Dávila does a series with Karol G and Sofía Vergara