Paul Rudd, the least thought of sex symbol

“Indignant!”, A friend wrote on WhatsApp when it was learned that the American magazine People chose the actor Paul Rudd as the “Most Man sexy“No longer of the world but” alive. ” In part, this (exaggerated for pleasure) indignation is understandable.

Rudd is primarily an actor from comedies and making people laugh is not what many (and many) associate with being sexy. At least not until now. A well-worked physique like Michael B Jordan, yes. A mean air “badass” like Idris Elba, too. An image of a heartthrob like Bradley Cooper or a pretty face like Adam Levine, of course.

But Rudd, while physically quite handsome, does not have those qualities. The choice was a surprise even for the actor himself. One can speculate on why they chose him right. One theory is that Rudd represents a type of man who until now has always been relegated in the “sexsymbolometer”: the nice, cool, friendly type. The friendly thing is close to “I love you as a friend” and it is not difficult to imagine that Rudd (or guys like him) must have been told that several times. But in times of deconstruction and less macho masculinities, Rudd seems to be a bet on promoting those traits in a man.

It is also probable that there is some synergy between People magazine and the study Marvel, since Rudd is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as the superhero Ant Man, of which there will be a third movie in the future. It all adds up.

The choice of Rudd as the sexiest man of the moment is only a little more surprising than when it was announced that the actor would enter the MCU. An actor who until then was better known for comedies (which on the other hand had an air of independent cinema and not mainstream) than for action films? It seemed risky, but Rudd passed the exam with flying colors. The two films about Ant Man and the interpreter’s participation in Captain America Civil War and Avengers Endgame showed that he could play a superhero without clashing, even though Ant Man is a character treated and portrayed with humor.

Rudd was born 52 years ago in New Jersey and is the son of an English couple who settled in the United States. His father worked for the TWA airline, and the family moved often. However, Rudd spent much of his childhood and adolescence in Kansas and he identifies himself as a native of there, even though he also lived many years in New York. “Living in a place that is not ‘cool’ builds character,” he once said in a televised interview, adding that he was proud to feel “Kansasnian.”

It was there, he explained on another occasion, that he decided on acting. In his high school years he was looking to define what he would do with his life from a professional point of view and, since he liked to draw, he thought he could dedicate himself to animation or graphic design. But one day, talking to a neighbor, he asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. “I don’t know, I’m not very sure,” to which the neighbor said, “Yes?” I thought you wanted to be an actor ”. Rudd, years later, would say that that conversation had left him thinking until at the end he said to himself: “I think so, I want to be an actor.”

He made his television debut in 1992, aged 23, and his first film was No Idea, a romantic comedy starring Alicia Silverstone in which Rudd plays his stepbrother. The protagonist has to learn to fall in love with her stepbrother, it is not that she falls at his feet from the start. In other words: Rudd may get the girl in the end, but he’s not a “natural” winner. The film was a huge success and Rudd entered Hollywood on the right foot.

Ten years later, he landed a role in another comedy that is already a cult movie: Anchorman (It was not released in theaters in Uruguay), a satire on television journalism with Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate in the leading roles. It was the first time that Rudd had been involved in a project of Judd Apatow (which Anchorman produced) and it was like finding his place in Hollywood.

Apatow’s particular style suited Rudd like a glove, who began to stand out as one of the members of that gang, even though he was almost always in the platoon and not at the top. In Virgin at 40, for example, he is one of several friends of the protagonist (Steve Carell) and every time he appears he manages to make people laugh.

And in that it continues, only now, in addition, it is the sexiest. Who was going to say …

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Paul Rudd, the least thought of sex symbol