Patrick Sébastien, Bernard Montiel, Cameron Diaz… These stars who mentioned swinging

While M6 will broadcast La Maison d’en face, a series that evokes swinging, some celebrities have not hesitated to practice this little pleasure.

This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, M6 is broadcasting the series The house opposite. During six episodes, viewers will discover the life of a quiet neighborhood but which hides many secrets like couples who would practice swinging : “The series shows us an ideal neighborhood, a sort of Wisteria Lane in French version where everyone dreams of making a living: but as in Desperate Housewives, under this idyllic appearance human passions smolder which will be unleashed and explode the tidy lives of our characters, explains Édouard de Vésinne, the producer. Swinging is a theme that has often been mentioned by stars, whether French or international.

Starting with Bernard Montiel. Indeed, the host and columnist of Do not touch My TV had revealed on the set of TPMP that indeed he had already practiced this naughty little hobby: “I love it I went there once I can tell if you want. Yes I went once, I still had to see it. It was great, I loved it, it smells bad but I I loved it. It was in Cap d’Agde, I had a lot of fun”. And he’s not the only one to have tried swinging. Indeed, Jeanfi Janssens had reacted on RTL when Laurent Ruquier mentioned the city of Brive-la-Gaillarde in Corrèze. “There’s a swingers’ club! It’s a sauna-swingers’ club, it does everything at the same time. It’s called Glamor“. But how does the comedian know this place?

Jeanfi Janssens: “It felt like we were slaughtering a pig in this thing”

“Can you imagine that one day, in a former life, I was unemployed, and I had to earn a little bit of money. There was a friend who ran this swinger sauna and said to me: ‘If you want to make some money for you, you hold it for me at the weekend and I give you some cash.’ So I was in charge of the sauna, it was impressive for me. Just on weekends, it’s where there are the most people…”, he explained before continuing: “I was at the entrance, in a small reception, people arrived and I gave a towel and a condom. On the other side, there was a distributor and I gave them gel. There were teams rugby clubs passing by, lots of people! Stuff was going on in there… I didn’t see, I heard. We had the impression that we were slaughtering a pig in this thing! When it closed around 5am, I passed with a garden hose to disinfect. It was terrible, it put me off love.”

Patrick Sébastien cash on swinging

If Jeanfi Janssens did not really like swinging, Patrick Sébastien had not failed to reveal memories of his evenings in his book Vitriol Mint. The presenter of Biggest Cabaret in the World then described: “First, I wanted to paint a portrait of this lady, Denise. There are so many icons that do not deserve a quarter of the praise that is given to them. Then, I find that this era is heavy We are in the process of passing on the prohibitions that we succeeded in removing in the 1970s. Finally, let society have fun with adultery, which is a real betrayal, and condemn swinging, which is sharing, there’s a morality there, a hypocrisy, which bothers me. But I’m not advocating partner-swapping! I’ve never brought a chick to those places. I’ve always gone there single. In libertine”. In the United States too, swinging is sometimes a hobby among stars, like Cameron Diaz would have frequented libertine clubs, according to the revelations of Jean-Michel Maire on TPMP.

Patrick Sébastien, Bernard Montiel, Cameron Diaz… These stars who mentioned swinging