Patrick Christmas? Miles Teller refuses to get vaccinated and stops production of The Offer

So far the way of The Offer It has not been easy at all, and he has already faced several complications related to his leading character. Until the beginning of the year he was going to play the main role Armie HammerHowever, after accusations of inappropriate behavior, the actor was fired. At the end of May, the production found a replacement: Miles Teller, but this one would also make them see their luck.

The Offer is a Paramount Plus series that will show the entire process behind the making of The Godfather (99%) from Francis Ford Coppola in 1972, and will focus the Canadian producer Albert S. Ruddy following his experience bringing to the big screen what would become one of the most important films (or trilogies) in the history of cinema. But what about Teller (Whiplash: Music and Obsession (94%), Divergent (41%), The Fantastic Four (9%))?

According to what was reported in Daily Mail, the interpreter had refused to be vaccinated being already part of the project, but not only was it anti-vaccination, but he also had the luxury of not allowing them to do the test. However, on July 28, production was stopped due to a positive case of COVID, and according to an informant who works in the study, the infected person was the same Miles Teller.

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Miles Teller is not vaccinated. You wouldn’t even get tested. Now he has brought the virus to the set and all the [proyecto] had to stop.

So far there has been no official report on the 34-year-old actor’s health, but his publicist, Lauren Hozempa, he contacted the same newspaper to ensure that the information that the informant had shared was incorrect, although he did not specify in what sense or elaborate on any other detail.

For its part, the general editor of Variety, Kate Arthur, shared on his Twitter account that the project never stopped, but could not be sure if the Teller contagion and his denial of the vaccine and the test was true or not.

They told me that [la producción de] “The Offer” has not stopped. As for the rest, no idea!

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But the issue of whether the production was stopped or not is full of contradictions, while some outsiders assure that it is not true, workers of Paramount Television Studios assure that the project was stopped as a precaution insisting that they would follow all the security protocols monitoring of close the situation of Teller and the rest of those involved (via Deadline). The alleged hiatus began on July 28, and the project reportedly resumed last week.

A letter addressed to residents of an apartment complex in Los Angeles noted that from August 25 to September 2 they were filming scenes for the series there. This letter was to assure the neighbors that the entire team had undergone a test for everyone’s safety. It is not yet known exactly when the series could premiere, but some of the stars that are part of the cast are Giovanni Ribisi, Colin Hanks, Matthew Goode, Juno Temple and Dan Fogler.