Passion – Lovers of Combis and Beetle reunited in Châtres-sur-Cher

It is the very particular sound of the air-cooled 4-cylinder flat engine that invades the peaceful streets of Châtres-sur-Cher. Coming from all over France, 300 vintage Volkswagen vehicles met a few meters from the Cher to respond to the invitation of the Vierzon Vintage Aircooled association, which organizes Camp’s VW 3.

Enthusiasts – Old Volkswagen enthusiasts were constantly arriving throughout Saturday

This gathering of old mechanics takes place every two years because, explains the president Vanessa Demeure, it is the time necessary to be able to prepare the event and offer a successful weekend to all enthusiasts of Combis and Beetle always ready to take out their vintage car to meet up with friends and above all to drive it: the pleasure begins as soon as the engine is started, with these venerable machines, the journey counts more than the destination.

1662902611 961 Passion Lovers of Combis and Beetle reunited in Chatres sur CherWith family – Gatherings allow you to spend a good weekend with your family in your Combi

With one gathering per week, from May to the end of September, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet and friendships were quickly created around their common passion. These gatherings are an opportunity to admire magnificent examples in better condition than when they left the factory. But even when the condition is reminiscent of the advanced age of the car and a few spots of rust tarnish the paint, these marks of time do not prevent owners from being proud of their mount.

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1662902612 971 Passion Lovers of Combis and Beetle reunited in Chatres sur CherEarly passion – There is no age limit for driving a Combi

Everyone likes to personalize it both inside and out with accessories that will make insiders recognize it when they come across it on the road. Many amateurs came with their families because they know that the association’s 50 volunteers will pamper them during these two days. In addition to the exhibitors, entertainment allowed everyone to have a great time. Vanessa Demeure gives them an appointment in two years and hopes to find them at another gathering in France or even abroad: the Vierzon Vintage Aircooled has already been to London, Chimay or Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

Practice. Camp’s VW 3. Sunday September 11, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Saules campsite, in Châtres-sur-Cher (Loir-et-Cher). Free entry for visitors?; 5 euros per vehicle for exhibitors.

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Passion – Lovers of Combis and Beetle reunited in Châtres-sur-Cher