Parks and Recreation: Chris Pratt’s Fictional Band To Release Their First Album

The fictional Mouse Rat gang from Parks and Recreation has crossed into our universe, gearing up to release his debut album this summer.

The ad comes from his own Perd Hapley (played by Jay Jackson), Pawnee’s lovingly awkward news anchor, “Ya Heard, con Perd” on Channel 4.

In the ad, Jackson reprises the role to inform viewers that local Pawnee band Mouse Rat has released their debut single “5,000 Candles in the Wind.” in honor of the 10th anniversary following the death of Li’l Sebastian, a fictional miniature horse from the show.

The single comes from the album The Awesome Album, which will contain a variety of songs referenced in Parks and Recreation. In addition to others that come from jokes or episodes during the time that the program lasted.

Some of these were made on the show and many have already been uploaded online. The album will feature performances by frontman Andy Dwyer, played by Chris well as Ron Swanson’s secret saxophone alter ego Duke Silver (both played by Nick Offerman) and the band Land Ho! which is led by Scott Tanner (played by Jeff Tweedy).

How was Mouse Rat born?

Directed by Dwyer’s wife, April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza), and featuring a host of other characters from the fictional town of Pawnee, the band has appeared consistently throughout the series.

It found its roots in season 1 and continued to exist throughout its episodes, culminating with uA live performance at a memorial service for Li’l Sebastian, who was a miniature horse who made his first appearance in season 3.

The band proved to be a source of humor and conflict throughout the series., damaging Dwyer’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and hosting a host of former names (some of which include Pearl Jelly, Nothing Rhymes with Blorange, Department of Homeland Obscurity, and Alabaster Fart).

Yes OK Parks and Recreation may have ended six years ago, his legacy lives on, and Not only will the show host the release of Mouse Rat’s first albumBut there was also a special anniversary episode that aired in April 2020.


The show found new fans thanks to Netflix, along with other popular sitcoms like The Office Y Friends . The show has since moved on to the NBC Peacock streaming service, along with The Office , which was also broadcast there. Maybe in the future, more Parks and Recreation content will return, but for now, đź‘Ś