Oscar Isaac assures that ‘Moon Knight’ is already the “best risk” of his career

Marc Spector, vigilante complex suffering from dissociative identity disorder, harbors multiple personalities within, sides of himself that are represented as different characters that we will see appear from the hand of a context of Egyptian iconography … no wonder Oscar Isaac was “highly strung” when he said yes to star in ‘Moon Knight’, next Marvel series in which we will see him in the shoes of Spector.

Luckily things are flowing so well that Isaac is delighted with life and already considers this project as the “best risk” of his career, despite being very far from having a concrete idea of ​​how things will turn out. And it is that this original series of Marvel Studios for Disney +, It started filming last May in Budapest and, from what its star now says, it still has a lot to do.

The new details of this project come from the hand of a brief statements offered by the actor in conversation with ‘Good Morning Arizona’, an American program in which he shared his enthusiasm for the production ensuring that they still have a month of filming left. “I must say that [el mejor riesgo] is what I’m doing now, I’m shooting a series called ‘Moon Knight’. We have a month left, and I feel like, so far, this could be [ese proyecto] because I was very nervous about it, but I’m having a great time.

Like crazy

It is not the first time that Isaac is tremendously enthusiastic about ‘Moon Knight’, in fact he already commented from the set of the series that It’s going to be insane of spectacle, very crazy “ and what are you wanting “to be able to give more details in the future”.

Little is known of this fiction which would be released on the aforementioned streaming platform sometime in 2022, only that together with Isaac we will see Ethan Hawke embodying the villain of the story. Hawke has hardly commented on the matter, but he has made it clear that “Good things happen when you are in a room with people whose way of thinking you like”. We will have to wait to find out how the matter plays out.

Article: Soure