Oscar Isaac: after The Card Counter, where will we see the actor in 2022?

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With the very dark “The Card Counter”, Oscar Isaac ends in a beautiful way a year 2021 during which he will be illustrated on all fronts (blockbuster, animation, series …). And it should still be the same in 2022.



2022 on Disney + – After the end of the Star Wars trilogy in which he played Poe Dameron, many thought that he would not be repeated there. That blockbusters were fun but in small doses for Oscar Isaac. It was without counting on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which managed to enlist him to be Moon Knight, real name Marc Spector.

As in The Card Counter, it will be a former soldier. But Marvel’s is left for dead after a mission to Egypt, before being brought back to life by the Moon God who makes him his avatar on Earth. So a vigilante who works at night.

Much loved by fans of the comic book created in 1975 by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, the superhero will be at the heart of a series of six episodes expected on Disney +. And there are even rumors that it would be the premiere of the year 2022.

So far, only a short teaser has been unveiled during DisneyPlusDay in November. Brief footage that doesn’t even show Moon Knight’s outfit in its entirety (or even the character Ethan Hawke played), but many have compared the vibe to that of a Batman, especially when the hero relentlessly strikes an enemy on the ground. Not surprisingly, as the character is partly inspired by DC’s Batman.

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A silted blockbuster, nicely macabre animation, a series that broke our hearts and a film noir from black, without the slightest hint of hope. To say that Oscar Isaac’s 2021 has been a rich year is an understatement, from Dune to Scenes from a Marriage to The Addams Family 2.

Passed by the festivals of Venice then Deauville, The Card Counter allows him to close in style this year. Directed by Paul Schrader, screenwriter of Taxi Driver, the feature film is striking with its darkness and its breaks in tone, like this stroll with dreamlike accents in a garden where colored lights contrast with the atmosphere of the story. Or the nightmarish sequences in Abu Ghraib prison.

In the midst of all this, Oscar Isaac plays a former military turned poker player, who takes under his wing a young man hungry for revenge (Tye Sheridan). A dry thriller that is based in large part on the charisma and the poisonous charm of its main performer, whose voice brings us into the story. And in the world in which it takes place.

“He evolves in this timeless environment, crisscrossing casinos, playing cards and waiting for something to finally happen”, explains Paul Schrader about his main perspnnage. “In poker you can play for days and days before you get your long-awaited hand. You can hope to get lucky every two or three weeks, but most of the time this game is about waiting.”

The good news is, we might not have to wait very long to see Oscar Isaac on the big or small screen in 2022.

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Oscar Isaac: after The Card Counter, where will we see the actor in 2022?