Omnisports – Football, rugby, handball, basketball… The results of the Cher teams

Federal 3

Regional 2 (12th day, late)

US Berrichonne – Salbris: 21-29.


National 2 (18th day)

Trélissac – Bourges Foot 18: 1-2.


Pool A (10th day late)

Agreement Savigny / Boulleret – Saint-Germain-du-Puy B: postponed.

Group A (11th day delay)

ASIA Cher – FC Avord: 0-0.

Pool B (6th day late)

Charenton-Châteauneuf-sur-Cher: 0-2.


Pool A (6th day late)

Herry-Aubigny: 3-3.

Pool C (9th day late)

Chateauneuf-sur-Cher B – Dun-sur-Auron: 7-1.


Pool A (10th day late)

Brécy B – Agreement Savigny / Boulleret B: 3-2.

Pool B (9th day late)

Torteron-Bengy: 1-4.

Pool C (9th day late)

Plaimpied – Lignières: 1-0.

Pool C (10th day late)

Châteaumeillant B – Plaimpied B: postponed to 16/04.

Guéritat Cup (2nd round delay)

Future of Lignières – Future of La Septaine: 4-3.

Guéritat Cup (3rd round)

Loire Val d’Aubois – Lury/Méreau: 4-1.
Graçay/Genouilly – Verdigny/Sancerre: 0-2.
Morogues – Plaimpied: 0-3.

Feigenblum Cup (4th round delay)

Avord B – Loire Val d’Aubois B: 3-1.
Bourges Gazelec B – Portuguese Mehun B: 0-0 (shots on goal: 3-4).

Feigenblum Cup (5th round delay)

Massay B – Bourges Moulon B: 1-5.
Trouy B – Saint-Amand B: 0-0 (penalties: 4-3).
Vierzon/Chaillot B – Portuguese Mehun B: 2-3.

Bellaches Cup (1st round delay)

Saint-Amand – Saint-Florent: 3-4.
Agreement Cher Nord – Loire Val d’Aubois: reserve.

Cher Cup – E Leclerc (4th round delay)

Guerche-Saint-Doulchard: 1-4.


NF2 (16th day)

Bourges Basket-Tullins: 89-55.

Women’s Regional 2 (12th day delay)

CS Bourges-Montlouis: 55-51.

Men’s regional 3 (9th day late)

Saran – CS Bourges: 81-57.
Veretz-Larcay – Saint-Doulchard: 78-56.


Women’s National 2 (14th day)

Eglantine Vierzon/Bourges – Cognac: 19-28.L’Églantine Vierzon and Kellyha Bondis logically lost to the leader. (Photo L. Auregan)


Elite (day 13)

Épernay – Predators of Vierzon: 2-5.

N1 (10th day late)

Bourges – Besançon: 5-3.

1644801525 106 Omnisports Football rugby handball basketball The results of theBy beating Besançon, the Alchimists of Bourges have almost ensured their maintenance. (Photo Ph. Roch)


National 2 (7th day)

Bourges-Gif: 6-2.


Top 12 (Day 1)

Sotteville-lès-Rouen – SM Bourges: 30-18.

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Omnisports – Football, rugby, handball, basketball… The results of the Cher teams