Olivia Wilde’s trial against her nanny

For ten years, the filmmaker and actress Olivia Wilde and the humorist Jason Sudeikis lived a love story with two children together that ended in a mutually agreed divorce. She is now dating colleague Harry Styles, who was her inspiration for her latest creations.

The ex-partner started a war against her children’s nanny, because she began to speak publicly about how her separation was and provided intimate details about it. She claimed that the actress left the family clan to go after her new love.

In this sense, the nanny revealed in dialogue with a graphic magazine: “When I saw her in a couple with Harry, I couldn’t believe it. Just a month before, when we were in Los Angeles, she was texting Jason saying that she loved him, that she missed him, and that she longed to get back to him. So how can she be her in this relationship and then hold hands with someone else a month later? There were many contradictory messages, too many for my liking.

In this way, the woman (who worked for three years in the family place and who also served as a housekeeper) was sued by celebrities, who explained: “As parents, it is incredibly annoying to know that the ex-nanny of our two young sons would choose to make such false and defamatory accusations about us publicly. For several months, almost two years she has waged a campaign of media harassment against us, our loved ones, close friends and colleagues, but she has reached the unfortunate point of her. We will continue to focus on raising and protecting our children in the sincere hope that now, with legal action in hand, she decides to leave our family alone.”

It is worth mentioning that the pair was in concubinage for seven years and after being parents they went to the altar. Since all that glitters is not gold, they decided to go their separate ways because the end of love had come.

When the crisis rumors and Olivia’s romance began, the nanny explained that she was fired and that, at that moment, Jason confessed a series of truths to her: “Sudeikis began to tell me details and said that she kissed Harry in one of the dinners they had with the cast in Palm Springs.” She also explained that the comedian and producer threw himself at the director’s car every time she had to go meet her new lover, desperate at the imminent breakup.

This situation always occurred in secrecy because the formal relationship had not yet ended in court or in the private sphere. That is to say, Olivia knew how to play two points for a while.

Finally, the celebrities began their divorce proceedings, alleging irreconcilable differences, and they were able to do it quickly. They agreed on the visitation regime for minors, compliance with which is facilitated by the fact that they live a few blocks away.

Likewise, they decided to issue a statement to consider the accusations false and initiated legal action in the face of the employee’s statements, who knew how to throw these dirty laundry into the light. However, far from remaining silent, the girl continued to reveal the couple’s secrets and gave statements about the pain of love suffered by the head of the clan due to the actions of his wife.

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Olivia Wilde’s trial against her nanny