Olivia Wilde’s Ghostbusters: The Afterlife’s Role As Gozer Officially Confirmed In BTS Image

Ghostbusters: the afterlife fans reconnected with the hit 1984 film ghost hunters featuring not only its titular heroes but also the original villain of the franchise in the form of Gozer the Gozerian. Reports ahead of the film’s arrival in theaters last month suggested that Gozer’s character would be portrayed in the new film by lodge actress Olivia Wilde, and anyone who has seen the film would be hard-pressed to recognize the actress in the film’s climactic scenes as the demon takes on her former opponents. Yet in the credits, the role is listed as being played by Emma Portner, with a voice of Shohreh Aghdashloo, who seemed to challenge what was clear to everyone.

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Now a new behind-the-scenes image has finally confirmed without a doubt what everyone knew, that Olivia Wilde played Gozer’s embodiment well in the new addition to the ghost hunters heritage. So why is his role assigned to someone else in the movie? Well it seems that while Gozer has his physical manifestation just like in the original ghost hunters when performed by model Slavitza Jovan, the spiritual form of the Sumerian god created by CGI was portrayed by Canadian choreographer and dancer Emma Portner through motion capture.

It’s unclear why Wilde would not want to be credited after taking on one of the most iconic characters in ghost hunters the lore is unknown, especially after all the work that seems to have been done to transform her into a Gozer with some of the same practical effects used in the original film, resulting in hours in the makeup chair beforehand. The post shared by one of the makeup artists shows the actress in her full bodysuit and makeup, and the caption reads:

“Sumarian .. not Babylonian .. big difference”. Make-up “Gozer”.

What an honor it was with @oliviawilde being an absolute badass in 5.5 hours of makeup. Thank you for your patience and your amazing performance. ”

Wilde isn’t the only cameo in the film, as the eagle-eyed moviegoers were quick to choose as well. Spider-Man: No Path Home and Justice League star JK Simmons playing the role of Ivo Shandor, the architect who has been talked about ever since he was mentioned as the creator of the “Spook Central” building where the first battle against Gozer took place. Additionally, the vocal styles of the film’s “Slimer” replacement, Muncher, were provided by none other than Josh Gad.

While some critics quickly reduced the number of referrals and fan-service moments in the long-awaited final sequel of 1989 Ghostbusters II, fans have proven this to be exactly the kind of indulgence the film needs as a basis. The film very quickly became one of the few films released in 2021 to surpass the $ 100 million mark nationally, which, in the currently uncertain film climate, is a huge achievement in itself.

For those who haven’t yet seen the return of the original Ghostbusters to the big screen, Ghostbusters: the afterlife still playing in theaters now.


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Olivia Wilde’s Ghostbusters: The Afterlife’s Role As Gozer Officially Confirmed In BTS Image