Olivia Wilde wore Harry Styles necklace: here the evidence

Just a couple of weeks ago, the couple was photographed in a park in London, images in which we could see that Olivia Wilde was wearing the singer’s pink beanie. Now, the actress wore a Harry necklace and shared it on her stories.

The internet is a magical place and Harry Styles fans basically do a job worthy of the FBI: a TikTok user noticed Olivia Wilde shared in her stories a photo in which you can see that she is wearing a necklace identical to the cross that the singer uses.

As it is not the first time they have exchanged clothes, we do not have proof that it is exactly that necklace but honestly neither doubts.

Olivia shared a picture While receiving the Covid vaccine and at first glance we can see that he wears a silver chain with a cross, this ‘innocent’ accessory that could quickly go unnoticed generated new theories of the couple’s relationship.

We do not know if it is the same piece of jewelry or not and it is not known until now if Olivia is still in the UK or has already returned to the US for her vaccination, since the actress has two citizenships: American and Irish. But it would certainly be more of a coincidence if they both had such a similar necklace.

Harry’s necklace isn’t the only thing his girlfriends have worn

Harry has a reputation for lending his girlfriends pieces from his closet and why not, also taking things from theirs. Could it be more perfect? Investigating, we found that not only Oliva Wilde has worn Styles accessories, also Kendall and Camille.

Even in his song “Cherry”, dedicated to Camille, Harry says “there is a piece of you in how I dress, take it as a compliment”. So his thing has always been to exchange clothes and style.