Olivia Wilde thinks the sex scenes have overshadowed the conversation about ‘Don’t worry dear’

Before it premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was massacred by critics, Do not worry dear it already brought with it enormous (and admittedly unrewarding) media attention. The shooting of the second film of Olivia Wilde as director after super nerds It had been very busy, and even without knowing exactly what had happened, the visible consequences ranged from Florence Pugh skipping the promotion of the film without maintaining eye contact with the director, until a supposed spitting directed by Harry Styles a Chris Pine in a projection. And, around these episodes, Shia LaBeouf denying that he had been fired to be replaced by Styles. Attaching evidence.

Still, the film hasn’t fared badly at the box office, presumably thanks to the appeal of its stars. Wilde, for her part, is not completely satisfied with how it has been received, and ignoring recent revelations that place her arguing “shouting” With Pugh on set, she has decided to maintain the image that nothing has happened between her and her lead actress, and that they get along great. The latest attempt has taken place in an interview with she where the director reflects on the conversations she has given rise to Do not worry dear. The conversations surrounding the behind-the-scenes drama? Not exactly, as Wilde believes the film’s sex scenes have overshadowed everything.

The director herself commented that with Do not worry dear he wanted to rebel against the scarcity of eroticism in today’s Hollywood cinema. But she prefers to agree with Pugh, who in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar He commented that the morbidity that certain elements of the film were going to generate was inevitable. “Obviously when you hire the most famous pop star in the world to do this, you’re going to spark conversations.”said the actress little women. “It’s interesting because Florence very wisely pointed out that too much attention was paid to the sex scenes. And I think she’s right.”added Wilde for his part.

“I totally agree with her that it’s overshadowing everything else the movie is about, which is sadly ironic because sex is one of the things they use in Victory as a distraction.”points out in reference to one of the plot twists. “When Florence pointed out that this movie is so much bigger and better than her sex scenes, I was so happy because I feel the same way.”

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Olivia Wilde thinks the sex scenes have overshadowed the conversation about ‘Don’t worry dear’