Olivia Wilde attends Harry Styles concert in Las Vegas

On September 4, Harry Styles began the series of concerts that he will perform in the United States as part of his tour ‘Love On Tour’. The singer began the tour in Las Vegas, where he had a very special guest.

Olivia Wilde attends Harry Styles concert in Las Vegas

Actress Olivia Wilde attended the concert to support her boyfriend at the opening of the tour. The director of ‘Booksmart’ She was seen wearing a light blue blazer with matching pants.

A Twitter user captured the moment when Wilde was escorted from the backstage area to her seat to enjoy the concert. A source told AND! News that Olivia had fun and danced the night away.

“I was so happy and dancing all night! It was so cute. I was singing almost every song … and having a good time with the people I was with.”the source noted.

Another source told the same outlet a month ago that the couple have a great connection and support each other.

They rely heavily on each other’s careers and want to be together wherever they can. They seem very happy and have a great relationship. They have a close circle of friends and a fun social life too. “the source noted.

“They click and they just want to be together. They make each other a priority no matter what. It’s not difficult because they are crazy about each other. “added.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ relationship

Earlier this year, Harry Styles marked his return to film and acting after ‘Dunkirk’, as he began to record the new film directed by Olivia Wilde, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. After finishing the filming of the feature film, rumors of a possible romance began that was later confirmed when both were photographed holding hands.

However, none have confirmed that they are in a relationship or have made it public on social networks. However, they have been seen together on several occasions. At the end of June, both were caught happily strolling through the streets of Porto Ecole and even a soccer game.

In the first days of July, Olivia and Harry enjoyed a vacation in Italian Tuscany. They were both caught wasting love, swimming, reading, drinking wine, kissing and even slow dancing.

It is worth mentioning that The actress has been criticized and insulted on several occasions for her relationship with the singer, since she is 10 years older than Harry Styles. Wilde has even decided to disable comments on his posts on Instagram to avoid criticism.

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