Olivia Wilde (39 years old), sumptuous: she reveals herself naturally – Grazia

Olivia Wilde celebrated her fifth anniversary as a committed brand ambassador for True Botanicals. But the actress wants to have a different impact on the beauty world. ” People tend to think that having fun necessarily involves something negative. If it’s environmentally friendly, better for your health, then it can’t be negative. I think we absolutely have to deconstruct the stereotype of sustainability in beauty to allow people to understand that they can have fun with skincare products and derive full satisfaction from them, even if they are products that are good for the environment. . », explains Olivia Wilde to vogue.

Olivia Wilde accepts herself as she is

The actress then reveals her relationship to the body. When it comes to our relationship to our body and celebrating it, we all take a different approach based on our personal experiences and opinions., she continues. I am a woman who has carried two children, I am approaching 40 and I love my body more than ever. I appreciate every opportunity to take care of myself. This is the reason for my beauty ritual: to take care of myself and celebrate my body at this stage of my life”.

Thus, she loves to reveal herself naturally. Olivia Wilde has once again demonstrated that you can be simply sumptuous, without wearing makeup or filters. Thus, on Instagram, the actress revealed herself without make-up. Her natural, loose hair and her bangs frame her angel face. Her beautiful, piercing eyes are revealed to the Internet user. A way to show that we can accept ourselves as we are. “My goal was to draw the attention of the fashion industry to the importance of highlighting ‘clean beauty’ and the values ​​of pleasure, luxury and the sexy side that it would be good to associate with it. »

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Olivia Wilde (39 years old), sumptuous: she reveals herself naturally – Grazia