Olivia Colman reportedly still in MCU after Secret Invasion


Secret Invasion will mark Olivia Colman’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is there a place for her beyond the Disney + series?

Olivia Colman and her place in the MCU


© GettyOlivia Colman and her place in the MCU

The series of Disney+, Secret invasion, filming has already started with great reservations about what we know about the plot. In principle, the program will relate the invasion Skrull on Earth, with shapeshifting aliens who will supplant the mighty heroes and villains of the planet. These aliens have already appeared in the film Captain marvel, but in this case, your intentions will be very different.

In this context, Olivia Colman, Oscar winner and key figure in the series The crown, will act as a powerful secret agent in the style of Nick Fury. We know that Samuel L. Jackson will be part of the series as a former leader of SHIELD and also Emilia Clarke She will be a skilled spy with special powers.

Olivia Colman will have an important place in the MCU

The truth is that Colman’s character will stand out from the rest of the spies as he will have a lot of power and will work in the shadows during the events in which the Skrulls will invade the Earth and replace the paradigmatic figures of Marvel Cinematic Universe. No one can be trusted anymore and this fact makes Colman’s agent an important player in the plot. Besides, his presence in the MCU is expected to continue after this show.

Already in the past, Olivia Colman He had expressed his interest in participating in a Marvel project, in particular to bring a villain to life ”powerful and extraordinary ”, something that might just be going on right now with her character in Secret invasion. The series will be underlined by the paranoia present in each of the protagonists of the series. Of course, no one will be sure of the threat Skrull.

The information says that in addition to Nick Fury, the character of Colman and that of Emilia Clarke There will also be three other very important spies in the plot of the show. Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do youMaria Hill will it be one of them? We know that where Fury is, Maria always shows up.

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