Olive oil, grapefruit, total screen… Here are the incredible beauty secrets of Jennifer Lopez

At 53, Jennifer Lopez can boast of still being a true beauty icon. Make-up, care, sport, food… We reveal all its secrets to you.

Jennifer Lopez is one of those stars who have been admired for decades for their seemingly inexhaustible beauty. Now 53 years old, the actress and singer continues to dazzle us, with or without make-up. From her skincare routine to have beautiful skin after her 50s, to her sports training to maintain a dream body, to her makeup tips to reproduce her iconic glow… Here are JLo’s best-kept beauty secrets.

Since her debut, Jennifer Lopez has stood out with a signature beauty look: a perfectly tanned complexion, an illuminated under eye and an incomparable glow, of which she alone has the secret. To reproduce this make-up that is both fresh and luminous, you have to start with a perfect contour. It’s a stage that the singer takes from makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin and that she never skips! She applies concealer under the eyes, around the nostrils and between the eyebrows. Then, she places cream bronzer not on her cheekbones but slightly above for a lifted effect. She also puts some on the forehead, on the jaw and in the neck going down well. For even more radiance, she layers a powder highlighter over a liquid illuminator. If you want to add depth to the look, you can opt, like the star, for a smoky golden brown with a touch of light in the inner corner. Jennifer Lopez does not stop there since she uses the technique of mouth contouring to make it more plump. The makeup of the “bomba latina” ends with a little gloss on the lips.

Where to find Jlo Beauty products?

This famous glow, Jennifer Lopez owes it, in part, to her cosmetics brand Jlo Beauty. Because like many other celebrities, the star launched her own brand in 2021. And if everyone has been tearing it apart since then, it’s mainly due to the unique composition of the products. No parabens, dyes or fragrance, the cruelty free brand is based primarily on olive oil. “My mother used to say that olive oil was the cure for everything. And it’s a beauty secret I’ve kept over the years because it really works” she confided to the American magazine Elle. Among the skincare products are a serum, a moisturizer, a cleanser, an eye cream as well as sheet masks. More recently, she launched a range for the body which contains in particular a cream specially formulated to tone the buttocks.Unfortunately, the brand is not not yet available in France but it is still possible to order on the website.

In more than 20 years of career, Jennifer Lopez has not aged a bit! It must be said that the 50-year-old puts all the chances on her side to preserve her youthful capital. Most important to her? Protect your skin from the sun. Summer or winter, she never goes out without applying SPF50 on the face. Moreover, 7 or 8 hours of sleep are a minimum for the mother of twins who has banished cigarettes, coffee and alcohol from her life: “I never drank or smoked, and today it pays off because my skin is still as beautiful, taking care to hydrate it and getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve never had botox injections or anything like that. If one day I really need it, maybe I will“, she said during an interview with Good Morning America. A well-rehearsed routine that seems to work wonders judging by her smooth and even complexion.

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In order to be well in her body and on stage, the 53-year-old singer imposes a very strict nutritional and sports program. This stunning figure is partly due to the fact that Jennifer Lopez portion control so as not to eat too much. When she wants to lose a few pounds, she almost completely eliminates carbohydrates of her diet to eat green vegetables instead. Another slimming tip from the star: inhale before each meal.grapefruit essential oil for 15 minutes. It would have an instant appetite suppressant effect. Like everyone else, she has indulgences like cookies and chocolate chip ice cream, but to counter her pleasure diet, sport is her best ally. “It’s no secret that fitness is a very important part of my life“, has she ever confided in UsWeekly. Thus, the American practices cardio, kickboxing, bodybuilding, as well as training circuits with her coach Tracy Anderson.

What is Jennifer Lopez’s hair color?

Neither blonde nor brunette, Jennifer Lopez has always distinguished herself by a light brown hair. But we must not forget that it is the queen of sweeping! She regularly makes small hair changes by playing between light highlights and darker tones. Her favorite color? THE blonde highlights, which go perfectly with her matte complexion. Golden, honey, polar or even ash, she has already tested many variations of blond. However, he sometimes swaps the California sweep that we know for brown lengths. But no matter the color, Ben Affleck’s wife always has a dreamy mane.

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Olive oil, grapefruit, total screen… Here are the incredible beauty secrets of Jennifer Lopez