Nothing to do with Spider-Man or Tick, Tick, Boom: it’s Andrew Garfield’s film which triumphs on Prime Video and is ideal for the weekend

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Andrew Garfield has a long film career, and in addition to playing Spider-Man, he’s achieved great success throughout his career. Find out which movie is successful on Prime Video.

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Andrew Garfield He is, by far, one of the most recognized actors of recent times. Years ago, he started his flawless career, but it was his time at Marvel that catapulted him to international fame. The actor came to the franchise after Tobey Maguire to play the second version of Spider-Man. However, incredibly, he managed to break away from the character, starring in different films with which he managed to demonstrate all his talent and versatility.

Two of the clear examples that Andrew Garfield has the talent to play any role Tick, tick, boom Yes Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Although they weren’t filmed at the same time, they were both released last year, but they are completely different from each other. In the first, which can be seen on Netflix, he played Jonathan Larson in a one-off musical. Well, not only did he act, but he also danced and sang, it was one of the best jobs of his life.

Incidentally, such was Garfield’s work in Tick, tick, boom that thanks to this film is nominated for the Oscar for best actor. On the other hand, in Spider-Man: No Coming Home he put himself back in the shoes of Peter Parker, bringing to life a more mature and experienced superhero who, even today, continues to suffer the consequences of the past. Undoubtedly, Andrew is going strong in the industry with his impeccable work and for this reason Prime Video did not want to miss the chance to release any of his movies.

It is A reason to live which was originally released in 2017. In this film, which will no longer be available on Prime Video in seven days, the actor plays a young man named Robin Cavendish, a handsome and adventurous man who suffers from the effects of a disability. Polio cripples him and his life changes forever, but his beautiful wife, Diana Cavendish (Claire Foy), is the one who helps him move forward to overcome all the adversities life has thrown at him.

A reason to live is an inspiring and true story of boundless love in which Andrew Garfield he gives the best of himself and surprises once again. Undoubtedly, the performer will soon become one of Hollywood legends and no one can oppose it. So, to enjoy the great talent of this artist, it is better not to detach yourself from Prime Video and connect with this exciting character such as Robin Cavendish.

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Nothing to do with Spider-Man or Tick, Tick, Boom: it’s Andrew Garfield’s film which triumphs on Prime Video and is ideal for the weekend