Nothing to do with Marvel: Chris Evans’ film that triumphs on Netflix and is ideal for fans of suspense

In 2019, Marvel fans were faced with an unexpected decision: the age of Chris Evans as Captain America drew to a close. After Avengers: EndgameWhere the character decided to return to his time to spend his final days with his true love, the actor said his farewell to the superhero franchise. And, from that moment on, the role of sentry of freedom was vacant.

Chris Evans, which was already well known before Marvel, has finished catapulting itself to international fame by bringing the First Avenger to life. In these films he managed to demonstrate his capacity and capacity for action to the point of becoming one of the most recognized in this genre. For this reason, in addition to his stint in the MCU, the performer has various such projects.

In fact, there is one movie he stars in that triumphs on Netflix in an unmatched way. Although it is closer to suspense, this film has its side of action and adrenaline. It is Cellular, released in 2004 and which is already going around the world thanks to its launch on the platform. With a score of 6.5 on IMDB, Evans stands out in this performance where he plays Ryan Ackerman.

What is it about? The synopsis of Cellular broadcast by Netflix says: ” A man answers his cell phone and an unknown voice begs him to help him escape from a madman who kidnapped her and her family”. No doubts, Chris Evans embarks on an adventure which reveals his level of actor and establishes himself once again as one of the best actors in the industry.

In addition, it should be noted that Cellular has an unbeatable cast. Along with Evans, Jason Statham, Kim Basinger and Jessica Biel take part in this film, which also dazzles with characters that are even scary at one point. In other words, for those who are real fans of suspense, this is the perfect movie to spend the weekend.

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Nothing to do with Marvel: Chris Evans’ film that triumphs on Netflix and is ideal for fans of suspense