Not just Tom Holland and Zendaya: these were the most famous couples of 2021

With just a week to go until 2021 is over, and fans are delighted with how the year ends for celebrities. Romantic relationships were the main protagonists of these 12 months and, among the most important, are Tom Holland Y zendaya. The actors, who met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, confirmed their courtship after years of claiming to be just friends.

Tom Holland Y zendaya They star in the latest Spider-Man trilogy playing Peter Parker and MJ respectively since 2017 and, since then, fans have wanted to see them together. However, it was not until 2021 that they took another step in their bond and even went so far as to show that they are more in love than ever. But, anyway, the relationship between them was not the only one that caused a sensation.

Yes OK Tom Holland Y zendaya They were one of the most loved and acclaimed couples by the public, many of the Hollywood stars also bet on love. Find out which were the most famous couples of 2021 in addition to the protagonists of Spider-Man.

The most famous couples of 2021:

1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez:

The actors caused a sensation since they confirmed their relationship and remained the most sought after throughout the year. After 17 years apart, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gave each other a chance by bringing Bennifer back.

2. Phoebe Dynevor y Pete Davidson:

She, catapulted to international fame for her role as Daphne in Bridgerton and he known for being one of America’s most famous comedians were one of the cutest relationships last season. Although, it should be noted that the distance since she lived in London and he in North America led them to go their separate ways in a very short time.

3. Kim Kardashain y Pete Davidson:

Following his split with Phoebe Dynevor, Pete Davidson was seen with influencer Kim Kardashain. Both confirmed their romantic relationship and surprised everyone by the wide age difference between them. She is 41 while he is only 28, but even so, this was not an impediment for them to live their love from the rooftops.

4. Regé-Jean Page y Emily Brown:

He, known worldwide for being the heartthrob of Bridgerton, surprised his fans by his relationship with Emily Brown. For a long time, his followers wanted to see him with his co-star, Phoebe Dynevor, but he made it clear that he is more in love than ever with his partner, whom he presented at the awards. GQ.

5. Henry Cavill y Natalie Viscuso:

This 2021 Henry Cavill was one of the actors most sought after by the paparazzi for his incredible performances in The Witcher Y Enola Holmes. However, fans took offense at him because he introduced his great love. This is Natalie Viscuso, who was seen with the actor on different walks and even he declared his love for her on social networks.

6. Millie Bobby Brown y Jake Bongiovi:

The incredible Millie Bobby Brown surprised thousands of fans around the world who follow her when she confirmed her relationship with Jake Bongiovi. The young men are only two years apart and are one of the most beloved couples in the industry.

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Not just Tom Holland and Zendaya: these were the most famous couples of 2021