“No Hard Feelings”: Jennifer Lawrence sassy in a sexy comedy

This morning, one of his many exes is thus responsible for coming to seize his car. A disaster! Alongside her job as a waitress at the yacht club, the young woman indeed makes ends meet as an Uber driver for wealthy New Yorkers who come to spend the summer in their luxurious vacation homes. The very people who are the cause of his misfortune, having caused property taxes to skyrocket. If she wants to save her house, Maddie has no choice: she must find a car as soon as possible!

It was then that she came across a strange little ad. In exchange for a car, a couple of wealthy parents (Laura Benanti and Matthew Broderick) seek a young girl to “take care” of their son Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman). At 19, this introverted kid who never leaves his room is afraid of everything. How could he survive Princeton, which he will join at the start of the school year? Maddie is a little older than the desired profile, but will do anything to get Percy into bed and thus land the Buick… But despite (or perhaps because of) her ultra-short dresses and plunging necklines, the tall dadais, more frightened than attracted, does not seem ready to jump on him…

Jennifer Lawrence may pull out all the stops in “No Hard Feelings”, she has trouble seducing young Percy… ©Columbia Pictures

An unexpected Jennifer Lawrence

What slaughter! We did not expect Jennifer Lawrence in the register of daring teenage comedy. The star of the saga The Hunger Games has long since proven her acting skills – which won her an Oscar for happiness therapy by David O’Russell in 2013. In No Hard Feelings (The challenge), she offers herself a frankly cheeky role, with a naked scene on the beach that will be remembered…

No Hard Feelings In vain to put on the trappings of the usual sexy Hollywood comedy, Gene Stupnitsky manages to break the codes, from a not trivial and quite puzzling situation, which sees a thirty-year-old trying to seduce a 19-year-old teenager for a simple car…

Known as a director and screenwriter for TV (notably on the HBO series The Office) and author of goodboys, trash comedy for pre-teens in 2019, Stupnitsky maintains the bar, without pouring, this time, in the permanent bad taste way American Pie or fall back into the tracks of a honeyed romantic comedy. He manages to find a real way out for his two characters, prisoners of an inextricable situation. Going against Hollywood moral codes, he signs a lively comedy, with often hilarious situations and neat dialogues. And who can count on the involvement of its main actress, also producer of the film.

No Hard Feelings/The Challenge Comedy Of Gene Stupnitsky Script Gene Stupnitsky and John Phillips Photography Eigil Bryld Music Mychael Danna and Jessica Rose Weiss Assembly Brent White With Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Barth Feldman, Matthew Broderick, Natalie Morales… Duration 1h43

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“No Hard Feelings”: Jennifer Lawrence sassy in a sexy comedy