Nicole Kidman, the best photos of her delicious youth

    If there is one word that defines Nicole Kidman, it is ‘versatility’. But that cruel game of defining a person with a single word becomes especially difficult in her case, because the complexity and courage of most of her works have taken her to land that makes her just one step away from the best actresses in history (do you want to know who are for us the 100 best actors in the history of cinema?) Namely, Bette Davis, Meryl Streep and Katherine Hepburn. Then there is her. With Ingrid Bergman, with Joan Crawford, with Judi Dench, with Greta Garbo, with Glenn Close. With many. Because the Australian is one of the greatest and most complete actresses there has ever been and her imprint on celluloid is already part of history. How to talk, then, about Nicole Kidman without repeating yourself? Without putting her on some list or comparing her to someone? How to review her life, her career, her work, her footprint in Hollywood without saying once again that she went from being “the woman of” to the highest paid actress in the world in her own right? How to understand Nicole Kidman as a whole and not as a mere achievement of jobs and awards? How to talk about her without mentioning the directors and actors with whom she has signed a dozen magnificent films and a handful of masterpieces? How to know, in short, who Nicole Kidman is and what her future holds for us now that she turns 55? How to do the usual doing something different? The challenge is fascinating. Thank you, Esquere.

    We will try in these lines to clear the X. If Nicole Kidman were an onion or a song by Rosalía, we would have to remove layers to see what is the trantran that is in the background, what beats inside to make it what it is , so that he does what he does, so that he acts as he acts. Let’s first take away her dual Australian-American nationality that always gave her that ’90s top model Cindy Crawford air. Let’s take away her sweet voice, her six feet, her red curls or her blonde hair. Let’s take away her snowy skin, her languid way of moving and smiling, her marble profile. Let’s remove Tom Cruise from the equation and the alleged romances with Robbie Williams, with Adrien Brody, with Lenny Kravitz, with Jude Law. Let’s remove the impact it has on the most frivolous media, in which they see a body in which haute couture fits like a glove. Let’s take away her aesthetic operations that don’t let us see her beauty. Let’s take away his correction, his distance, his haughty perhaps faked. Now let’s get the worst of her career out of it, the forgettable titles like total calm, practically magic, Reincarnation, The secret of an obsession, Nine Y Dogville. Let’s remove her dabbling with the press of the heart to exploit this or that of her image, of her personal life, of her marriage first to Cruise and then to Keith Urban. Let’s take away the millions she earns for every movie, for Chanel ads. And let’s remove the pigeonhole in which half the world put her for being hot and being one of the most beautiful women of all time.

    Now let’s see Nicole Kidman for what we know she’s not. She is not a Meg Ryan who has always felt comfortable repeating gender. She is not a Julia Roberts who fell into playing the same kind of role. She is not a Scarlett Johanson whose sensuality is the cover letter in her work. She is not a Diane Keaton who has made a character out of her life. She is not a Penelope Cruz who has made being a foreigner in Hollywood a condition. She is not an Angelina Jolie who has made a stamp of difference. She doesn’t have the sympathy of Jennifer Lawrence. She is not the official outsider like Jodie Foster is. She’s not radically beautiful like Margot Robbie, or baffling like Frances McDormand. She is not the most awarded. She is not the most loved.

    Removing all the things that are left over, what does that X of Nicole Kidman tell us? That she is a powerful, brave, chameleonic actress. That she is able to sing like angels (Moulin Rouge) and to bare his soul (Eyes Wide Shut), of mimicking the skin of historical figures (Virginia Wolf and Grace of Monaco) from an uncomfortable truth and acting as castrating matriarch (The others). The X reveals that she feels comfortable sharing the limelight with George Clooney or Daniel Craig and starring in a scene with erotic connotations with a child (Reincarnation). That she is capable of making epic dramas (cold-mountain, Australia) and seventies spy movies (The interpreter). She is an actress so committed to herself that she has not given up on romantic comedy or action movies – if this is your favorite genre, here are the best 15 action movies of 2022 – because she is attracted by complexity and not by the box office. She is so interested in her that she was one of the first to switch to television a little bit before the platform boom with Big Little Liesbecause the role of a battered woman addicted to violence seemed like a necessary terrain, as necessary for a third season of Big Little Lies. Like that of the radical guru of perfect strangers, his last powerful role. Beautiful, inspiring, strong, she has been a muse for Sofia Coppola (the seduction), by Yorgos Lanthimos (The sacrifice of the sacred deer), by Werner Herzog (the queen of the desert), by Aaron Sorkin (Being the Ricardos)… And it is that for a few years, many directors want her as a heroine of another age, with other stories, with another truth.

    Off screen, she denounces that after a certain age roles are limited in Hollywood if you are a woman, that their salaries are lower, that there are fewer directors and screenwriters… In addition, she is a philanthropist, UNICEF ambassador and practicing Catholic. She is 55 years old and who is Nicole Kidman? We have it clear: a capital actress, unique, unrepeatable, who takes life more seriously than fame and who usually summarizes the essence of her profession with phrases such as: “I love acting, but it is much more fun to lead the children to the zoo.

At the age of 16, she already stood out as an actress in an Australian television series and the film the bikers.


An Australian born in Hawaii

He was born in Hawaii on June 20, 1967, into a wealthy Australian family. She lived in the United States until she was four years old, when her parents decided to return home. In her image, she is portrayed in her beloved city of Sydney.


A very clever redhead

She wasn’t the prettiest back then, but she was the one who worked the hardest for the roles she was offered. She soon got results.

His candid and smiling image monopolized the screen as a young man. Over the years, Nicole gained confidence, attractiveness, and elegance.


About to land in Hollywood

Photographed in 1986, when in Australia she was already a television star but had not yet made the leap to Hollywood.

For more than a decade they were one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood. Two years before breaking up, they shot their last film together to date, Eyes Wide Shut, by the great Stanley Kubrick. In it they stripped to her soul, receiving great reviews.

This is how they introduced their adoptive children Connor and Isabella, in 1996, upon arrival at Sydney airport. Nicole has two other daughters, Sunday and Faith, from her current relationship with country musician Keith Urban.


towards sophistication

Nicole, fiddling with a camera. Her curls, her hallmark during her youth, began to give way to a more refined image.


Your first jackpot

So elegant and apparently fragile (she is quite a chameleon) she picked up her first Golden Globe.


Shadow here and shadow there

At a party in New York, showing off his 1.80 cm tall model’s build.

In the role of Dr. Chase Meridian, in batmanforeverone of the worst installments of the saga, in which, however, she appeared beautifully sharing the screen with Val Kilmer.

In jeans and ankle boots, Nicole posed with Alejandro Amenábar during his promotion visit in Madrid, as the protagonist of Los otros.

Nicole Kidman collaborates with several charitable foundations and also with Unicef. In this sense, she has always known how to take advantage of her fame.

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Nicole Kidman, the best photos of her delicious youth