Nicolas (Koh-Lanta): “Tania, I didn’t give much of her skin”

Tania, Nicolas and Frédéric will face each other this Tuesday evening during the final of Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire. And if there is one that we did not expect at this stage of the adventure, it is Tania. Nicolas also confided to being the first surprised.

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Tanya is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding adventurers of this season, even of Koh Lanta short. Not so much for his performances, which were rather shy, but more for his incredibly chaotic career which nevertheless carried him to the final of Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire. As a result, the candidate from the start, a little invisible, has gradually established herself in the hearts of viewers. Today, many of them are “team Tania”, despite the undeniable merit of her comrades, Frédéric, and especially Nicolas. But Koh Lanta is one of the few shows capable of erecting legends… and Tania could well become one (yes, we’re on fire!!!).

Tania deserves her place in the final

So we weren’t betting much on the head of Tanya at the start of the game. Remember that she is the second eliminated from the adventure (before being fished out) and that she owns a sad record in Koh-Lanta ! Facing her on the posts tonight, Nicholas told TV Mag that he didn’t really see it coming either. “Tania, I didn’t give a lot of her skin at the start. She wasn’t performing well enough for the team and didn’t seem to have the potential to go that far.”he starts to say about her.

But like everyone else, he had to recognize a certain merit in Tania who “cling to”. “Whatever his performance, it is above all a ray of sunshine and it felt good to be by his sidehe continues. She is sociable, curious and affable. By her personality, her fighting spirit and her perseverance, she also deserves her place on the posts. His career is atypical and impressive.”

Tania facing two allies

SO, Tanya will she defy all predictions and emerge victorious from this season of Koh Lanta ? Before having the possibility of being chosen by the final jury, he will first have to qualify at the end of the post test against Nicolas – the best on paper – and Frédéric, who starts with a weak point. Of this fine strategist, but an ally from the start, Nicolas confides: “Frédéric is a very smart and efficient player in the events. We became allies in a very natural way. He was always one step ahead and we were complementary. His presence on the posts did not surprise me, he knew show himself to be versatile and he has earned his place.” May the best win !

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Nicolas (Koh-Lanta): “Tania, I didn’t give much of her skin”