Nicolas Cage promises that he will never stop his career (suddenly, we’re happy)

Nicolas Cage will never stop the cinema because he needs it and we are very happy because the cinema needs Nicolas Cage.

Few actors and actresses can claim to have names that are synonymous with both great filmmakers, internet memes, and B, Z series or even the rest of the alphabet. If Nicolas Cage seems today to link projects at a Stakhanovist pace, it is not (only) to pay his taxes and finance his oil to make the skull shine like his comrade Bruce Willis and his Cosmic Sin.

Indeed, his career choices in recent years demonstrate a bulimia of strong artistic proposals failing to be fundamentally successful. We think of the psychedelic revenge of Mandy, the invasion of psychedelic aliens from Colour out of Space, the quest for the truffle pig in Pig and obviously his role as a criminal with explosive testicles in the completely barred Prisoners of the Ghostland.

Nicolas Cage at every meeting with his producer

An appetite for cinema that does not seem to weaken for this endearing 57-year-old suicide bomber, and who does not intend to decrease his pace. His response to Entertaiment Weekly on a potential retirement on the occasion of the exit of Prisoners of the Ghostland in the United States was very clear:

« Non, non, non. Non, non. It can’t happen. The cinema that I make acts like a guardian angel for me, I need it. I feel healthier when I shoot. I need an environment that allows me to express my experience and making films has allowed me that. So, i will never retire. Where are we, genre 117 movies ?

photo, Nicolas Cage

I told you that I shouldn’t stop turning

The funny thing is that my argument against people who told me “you work too much” was, “I love to work, it’s good for my health, I am happy when I work and I would point out to you that guys like Bogart or Cagney were making hundreds of movies. ” Then I said to myself that I should still check what I’m saying and I just let out an “uuups” laughing.

Jerry Lewis was a friend of mine, we were having dinner together one night and he was asking me “How many movies have you done?”, I said, “I must be 100, how many have you done?”, “J ‘did 40. So you did twice as much as I did? “,” Well I didn’t know about that, Jerry. ” “

photo Volte/Face

When the doctor recommends at least 5 films per year

A conversation that perfectly sums up the character, generous, messy and full of energy. If the output of Pig on the big screen in France scheduled (for now) for October 27, 2021 should already make people happy, that of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent should explode the space-time continuum.

Cage will play there … Nicolas Cage, actor turning only dung dreaming of playing in a Tarantino, invited by a billionaire fan of his work and recruited by the CIA to spy on him. All with Pedro Pascal, Sharon Hogan, Tifanny Haddish, and Neil Patrick Harris. We might as well tell you that we are very, very, very impatient.

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