Nicolas Cage believes he is at the peak of his talent (and his career)

Coming soon to the very meta A talent in solid gold, Nicolas Cage confided that he considers himself at the height of his talent and his career. And we think so too.

He will have done things with it, Nicolas Cage, during his long, long career. From the greats such as Brian de Palma, Martin Scorsese or Ridley Scott, to the slums of multiple critically murdered B series (since justified by a cruel lack of money), it would seem that the Thespian – since that is how that it should be named – has finally extricated himself from the pangs of his questionable past artistic choices to better rise from his ashes.

After the sensitive Pigthe actor with the most twisted facial expressions on the internet threw himself headlong into self-mockery through the prism of the very, very meta A Solid Gold Talentand considers himself at the end of this experience at the supreme acme of his interpretative capacities, and as long as we are at it, of his entire filmography. At least, that’s what he seems to have confided to Collider :

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“It’s one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done in my career. I also think I’ve had the best performances of my career in the last ten years, and I’m putting it down to A Solid Gold Talent, although it has been marginalized by some viewers in a way.

I think I’d put Pig, A Talent in Solid Gold, Mandy, Color Out of Space, Bad Lieutenant, Joe, The Trust, and The Runner against any other project I did for the first thirty years. But in 43 years in the business, I think A Talent in Solid Gold is by far the scariest thing I’ve done.”

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It’s hard not to nod in agreement with the actor’s statement. After all, if Nicolas Cage’s filmography is full of more daring and unique roles than each other (for better or for worse), the enjoyable game of mirrors proposed by Tom Gormican will have required the actor to completely uncover which has enough to feed the most justified apprehensions. But Nicolas Cage being Nicolas Cage, the latter has not been reluctant to infuse his game with unlimited generosity to better play (of) himself.

What to hope in any case that the actor persists in this new deserved ascent. As for the most dizzying and chilling experience Cage has faced, A talent in solid gold will take over theaters on April 20.

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Nicolas Cage believes he is at the peak of his talent (and his career)