June 9, 2021

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New trailer for “America”: Channing Tatum is George Washington

New trailer for America Channing Tatum is George Washington

No, it does not seem that with United States: The Movie Netflix is ​​trying to teach a history lesson. Rather, he plans to take to the realm of hype and superheroes. a subject that Americans normally carry with deep solemnity. At least, that is what is perceived in the new trailer from the animated film in which Channing Tatum es George Washington. Apart from being the founding father and hero, the actor also serves as the film’s producer along with his partner Reid Carolin, in an brainchild of Archer creator Matt Thompson. The writer of Wonder woman, Dave Callahan write this story that the trailer itself recounts as “Never known” Y “True” with a clear satirical intention. But what is United States: The Movie is surely, an imaginary version of what any American teenager would have liked to be what he actually had to study.

As for the official synopsis, the story tells of how, for thousands of years the origins of the United States have remained shrouded in mystery, as if lost in the sands of time. Who built this country and why? Only dinosaurs know …until today. For the first time in human history, the incredible and completely true story of the nation’s origins in United States: The Movie. A once-in-a-lifetime cultural event available in the only way the founding fathers intended it to be their story. This is the uchronic premise with which totally explosive and badass fiction meets the most serious history of the American continent.

While it is true that the only serious thing are the names and the characters they play, all this takes on a nuance of sea of ​​fun when Channing Tatum is George Washington, Simon Pegg gives the voice to King James, Olivia Munn gives life to Thomas Edison and Will Forte is Abraham Lincoln, all together and scrambled at the same time with robots, machines and a good series of topics from the action films of the 90s. We can learn about the “complete”, “unique” and “true” history of the great American nation with the premiere of United States: The Movie on June 30 on the platform.