July 1, 2021

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New arrival of cheap Coriolis plan: 2 to 150 GB from € 4.99 / month

New arrival of cheap Coriolis plan 2 to 150 GB

The sales are starting, the good weather is present, the summer period is therefore ready. Operators are too, and always offer great promotions. Coriolis Telecom offers various mobile plans. The data envelopes vary, which allows each customer to find what they are looking for. Indeed, all users do not consume the same amount of Internet every month. The prices are low, but also varied, in order to correspond to all budgets. Between extended offers and new promotions, a wide choice of inexpensive mobile plans is available.

A cheap package at € 4.99 per month for 2 GB at Coriolis Telecom

To correspond to very small budgets as well as to those who consume little data, the operator MVNO currently offers and since this day a cheap 2 GB package. It is the possibility of having a cheap offer and which corresponds to the necessary needs. Indeed, its price is attractive since it is displayed at € 4.99 per month. This rate is valid for the first year, and then increases to € 9.99 per month. Don’t panic, it’s a no-obligation package. Thus, it is possible to terminate their offer at any time free of charge.

Coriolis Telecom
Cheap mobile plan

from4.99 €

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Regarding the terms of Coriolis Telecom’s low-cost package, a communication envelope is allocated for each customer. In this way, they take advantage of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS throughout France. Globe-trotters, too, can take advantage of their 4G plan, even when traveling. Communications are unlimited from the European Union and overseas countries.

A data envelope of 2 GB only? Finally, some don’t need more. By having a good WiFi connection at home and at work, there is not necessarily a need for a large data envelope. Obviously, that depends on the uses that are made of it. Whether it’s just checking e-mails or watching videos on Youtube, everyone has their hobbies on the Internet.

The essentials on the cheap 2 GB plan from Coriolis Telecom:

  • € 4.99 per month for the first year then € 9.99 per month;
  • package without commitment;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and Europe;
  • 2 GB every month usable in France and Europe;
  • free number portability.
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Extension of the 30 and 150 GB plans, the good plan not to be missed?

Coriolis Télécom offers new mobile plans, but also pleases customers by extending attractive promotional offers. Indeed, so that there is something for all tastes, the 30 and 150 GB plans have been granted an additional period. However, after July 20, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of it. Regarding the operator’s cheap 30 GB package low-cost, this one costs the modest sum € 6.99 per month for one year. Then the bill increases to € 14.99 per month.

cheap package 30 go coriolis

Coriolis Telecom
Mobile plan without commitment

from6.99 €

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It is still a reasonable enough price to take advantage of the unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Whether within France, Europe or the Overseas, there is no limit to contacting family and friends. This is all the more useful during the summer vacation period. On the other hand, subscribers benefit from a data envelope of 30 GB monthly. It should also be noted that occasional travelers can consume up to 8 GB abroad.

What should be remembered from the inexpensive 30 GB Coriolis plan?

  • € 6.99 per month for one year then € 14.99 per month.
  • Offer without obligation.
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.
  • 30 GB including 8 GB usable in the EU and the DOM.
  • Extension valid until July 20.

As for the cheap 150 GB package from Coriolis Télécom, it costs € 19.99 per month. This price, valid for 12 months, increases thereafter. After one year, the customer bill drops to € 24.99 per month. These three mobile plans are non-binding, which allows you to change operator as soon as you want. So, don’t panic, it is possible to take advantage of the discount and then cancel afterwards. The terms of the 4G package are similar to the 30 GB package. The only difference lies in the data envelope. This time, 150 GB per month can be used in mainland France. 14 GB are allocated for use within the European Union and Overseas Territories.

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