New Amazon Prime Video in May 2022: Roland-Garros arrives, Bosch returns and Zac Efron survives

In May, Amazon Prime Video will blow your mind. Head in the stars, ball in the head or head to the little yellow ball, there is something for everyone with Zac Efron’s quest for gold, Mel Gibson’s quest for truth or Bosch’s justice. The Roland-Garros tournament also returns to Prime Video with coverage of the event and unseen documentaries.

Harry Bosch and his daughter Maddie as well as lawyer Money Chandler return to service in Bosch Legacy // Source: Amazon

After having a good laugh in April with the return of LOL, who laughs comes out!, May is looking more serious and dark on Amazon Prime Video. The famous detective created by Michael Connelly, Harry Bosch, returns to service in Bosch Legacy, a spin-off of the original series. The teenage girls of The Wilds are still fighting for their survival just like Zac Efron, in search of gold in the desert of Gold.

But it is above all the month of tennis which begins on Amazon Prime Video. Before wide coverage of the Roland-Garros tournament from the qualifications (May 16 – June 1), two original documentaries come to dispute it in the trilogy of Godfather and other legendary films to see or see again.

Series added in May

Bosch Legacy

After leaving the Los Angeles police, Harry Bosch returns to work with “Money” Chandler, the lawyer he has fought for a long time, in order to solve an old case mixed up with a new one while his daughter Maddie decides to leave. following in his father’s footsteps. New survey from May 6.

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The Wilds

A group of teenage girls stranded on a desert island try to survive in this new season, after discovering that they are in fact a subject of social experimentation. But they are not the only ones to be studied… another group of teenagers also has to fight for its survival. The big manitou leaves to spy on everyone on May 6th.

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Towards the stars

Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons play a couple who live peacefully in their house. But this one conceals a secret, an antechamber buried at the bottom of the garden which leads to a strange planet. A young man comes to disturb their quiet life and the once quiet room turns out to be much more mysterious than they thought. Journey into space from May 20.

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And also…

In Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, singer Lizzo is looking for curvaceous dancers who can come and dance with her on stage during her tour. Amazon Prime Video also offers the entire series The Originals from May 4. The story of a family of thousand-year-old vampires who want to regain power.

New Amazon Prime Video in May 2022: Roland-Garros arrives, Bosch returns and Zac Efron survives
The Originals series // Source: Amazon

May 1:

Magnum PI (Season 2)

May 3:

Criminal Minds (Season 15)

May 4:

The Originals (seasons 1–5)

May 6:

Bosch Legacy

The Wilds (season 2)

May 13:

Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls (season 1)

May 19:

Bang Bang Baby (Season 1 – Part 2)

May 20:

Towards the stars

Movies, shows and documentaries added in May


Mel Gibson plays a detective series star accused of murdering his wife. He must hand over his fate to Charlie Waldo (Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy), fired from the LAPD for his behavior and become a private detective. A strange agreement is then set up between the two men. Beginning of the escapades on May 2 for this Amazon Exclusive film.

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Zac Efron plays the gold diggers in this film available from May 9. Two men discover a gold deposit in the desert and hatch a plan to protect it. One of them goes to seek help while the last one on the spot must fight for his survival against the elements and the wild animals. An Amazon Exclusive movie.

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Yannick Noah: the meaning of winning

Broadcaster of the Roland-Garros tournament since last year, Amazon does not skimp on the means. After announcing much wider coverage of the French Open this year, the video streaming service has also set out to offer more exclusive content around the tennis event. Two original documentaries are to be discovered in May: Roland-Garros: Building the legend May 11 and Yannick Noah: the meaning of winning May 20. The latter looks back on the journey of the last French winner of the tournament in 1983, but also more broadly on his career and his new life over the past four decades.

New Amazon Prime Video in May 2022: Roland-Garros arrives, Bosch returns and Zac Efron survives
Yannick Noah: the meaning of winning // Source: Amazon

And also…

Do not miss the Bertrand Blier cycle with many classics not to be missed such as Evening dress, Too beautiful for you or Cold buffet.

  • May 1:
    • Freedmen
    • Love on the trail
    • Before you
    • batman begins
    • Stepfather
    • Cold buffet
    • Quiet
    • The City of Fear
    • How to kill your boss (1 and 2)
    • Lining
    • Hitler, don’t know!
    • Marguerite and Julien
    • thank you life
    • My man
    • MR73
    • Our history
    • The Godfather (the trilogy)
    • Robin Hood
    • Like Mother like daughter
    • Evening dress
    • too beautiful for you
    • One two Three Sun
    • Vox Lux
    • welcome home
    • wonder woman
    • Your name
  • May 2 :
  • May 6:
  • May 9:
  • May 11:
    • Roland-Garros: Building the legend (original doc)
    • Spider-Man (the trilogy)
  • May 13:
  • May 16:
  • May 20:
    • Yannick Noah, the meaning of winning (original doc)
  • May 27:
  • May 30:

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New Amazon Prime Video in May 2022: Roland-Garros arrives, Bosch returns and Zac Efron survives