Netizens shocked by Jennifer Aniston’s transformed face during her recent TV appearance

It is well known that women in Hollywood are under a lot of pressure regarding their physical appearance. In the virtual impossibility of aging, they are criticized if they have recourse to plastic surgery, but also if they wish to let time go by and not undergo interventions. Jennifer Aniston is the latest star to see her appearance scrutinized by the Web.

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On the French show It’s up to you to promote his next film, Murder Mystery 2, the star received a barrage of comments about her face on Twitter. Many consider that the 54-year-old woman is “unrecognizable” and that “her features are drawn” and “frozen”.

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Criticisms are raining on social networks and many are questioning the obsession with plastic surgery among stars. His colleague Adam Sandler was spared from criticism on his physique, without much surprise.

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Some people have compared her physical appearance to that of the wife of the President of the French Republic, Brigitte Macron.

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As we know, the pressure on women is enormous in Hollywood, whether in relation to the signs of time on their skin or their weight. The world of cinema leaves little room for difference. Hopefully this phenomenon will change over time, as more celebrities go out against these completely unattainable standards.

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Netizens shocked by Jennifer Aniston’s transformed face during her recent TV appearance