Netflix’s “Vigilante” or how Naomi Watts is the epitome of minimalist style: five key pieces of her wardrobe

There are many kinds of fear in fiction. There are the series that talk about haunted houses (like “The Curse of Bly Manor“), those that address topics with historical overtones (such as “Chapelwaite“) or those that go further and could be our own lives, like “Vigilant“.

The most watched series Netflix currently directed by Ryan Murphy, tells the true story (with many, many nuances, of course) of an upper-class family that arrives in a new neighborhood and receives disturbing threats from a stranger, the security guard.

I’m not hiding: it has caught me from start to finish and I’ve seen it in just one weekend. The feeling of “terror” in your own home touches the depths of our being and generates an inexplicable feelingso if you are a lover of the genre, I would recommend that you give it a try (it also has only 7 chapters of just over 45 minutes, so it won’t take up much of your time either).

When watching the series there is a character that has completely caught my attention: Nora Brannock (played by naomi watts). Brannock is the “perfect upper-class woman” in the eyes of American society. Yes, it meets all canon standards, from its precious blonde hair even the relationship with her children and the delivery by her husband. In addition, she is always well dressed, without pretensions.

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Seeing Naomi Watts in action is a fashionista’s delight. Her character wears a great look After another, all made up of relatively basic pieces that he masterfully combines. Neutral colors, such as white, gray and beige, dance in tune with a contrast of textures that elevates each style.

Names such as Alexandra Cokinos, who has also worked on “The Sinner” or “Julia”. The work of the wardrobe managers is summed up in a capsule wardrobe of ten for fans of minimalism with a touch cool and these are some of the pieces that are repeated throughout the entire series.

Neutral colored knitted sweaters

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Knitted sweaters occupy endless minutes on screen. It doesn’t matter if they are high neck, scoop neck or V neck, they all have something in common: they are dyed in light colors and convey serenity. Within the entire Brannock jersey collection, there is one model that stands out: the soul collage design that he uses for his usual tennis games.

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The trench coat of all life

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We see it non-stop: the basic cut trench coat oversized. Due to the styling of the characters, the fiction takes place in a warm spring or during the first blows of autumn, so this outer garment becomes the best ally of the complex halftime. A note, Mrs. Nora Brannock appears with some black ankle boots that have all the numbers of being the Chelsea 2976 of dr martens (or a very, very, similar model).

The pleated midi skirt, a basic fashionable

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White, this is the pleated midi skirt that Noami Watts wears non-stop. in various chapters she combines it with another basic, fine knit sweaters, and chelsea boots which we have already discussed. Also, note that the jewelry she wears throughout the series is gold and minimal.

An ode to the comfort of the Birkenstock

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To go home, Nora opts for the birkenstock. Specifically, for the models with two straps and furtype the Arizona Suede. To join one of the most top of the moment, we see how he wears socks on sight.

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A wide-brimmed hat as a star accessory

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One of the first scenes of “Vigilante” draws the best outfits from Watts: a all white tall crowned by a wide-brimmed hat what we love for this autumn-winter season.

Extra note: Theodora Birch and her outfits maxi are a ten


Finally, we did not want to miss the opportunity to mention the styling of Theodora Birch, played by Noma Dumezweni. The detective (little more we can say so that it is not considered spoilers), wears styles opposed to those of Nora: daring accessories such as leather gloves, printed scarves and full color garments.

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Netflix’s “Vigilante” or how Naomi Watts is the epitome of minimalist style: five key pieces of her wardrobe