Netflix | “The Woman in the Window”: Is the movie starring Amy Adams based on a true story? | The Woman in the Window

From May 14, Netflix entered a new film to its catalog. “The woman at the window”, psychological thriller starring Amy adams, has been placed in the most viewed film on the platform.

What is it about? The story narrates the experience of Anna Fox, a psychologist who suffers from agoraphobia and lives locked up in her house in New York, in addition, she believes – she also feels – that she has witnessed the murder of her neighbor.

After many fans praised the movie “The woman at the window”They wondered if it is based on a true event, however, it is not. The character of Amy adams It is fictional since it is all the imagination of AJ Finn, the author of the original work that inspired the directors to make it on the small screen.

Despite this, comparisons have been made with the novel “Lost” by Gillian Flynn, which was also just made into a movie and that Netflix added to your catalog. As it is remembered, this tape was carried out by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

In addition, “The woman at the window” it is also similar to “Copycat” (1995) and to Sarah A. Denzil’s “Saving April”. Although these two share the concept of a woman suffering from agoraphobia in the work, it is more related to the last one mentioned. As it is not a film based on real events, it was inspired by several novels with that psychological cut.

A production full of unexpected twists

Joe Wright, Director of “The woman at the window”, underlined her fascination with Anna’s “lack of attachment to reality.” “I am interested in the idea that we all create our own reality,” said the director, who explained that he also liked the fact that the whole film is basically framed in a house.

At the time, he explains, he didn’t know that everyone would end up “trapped” in their homes because of the coronavirus, but he admits that he liked that “minimalism” and trying “to create something that felt very cinematic within the confines of just one. location”.

Finally, Julianne Moore, as the enigmatic Jane, praised the work of Amy adams in front of “The Woman in the Window”. “The way she is the anchor of the whole movie (…) with so much emotion, so much truth and so much tension is a wonderful thing to see,” he defended.

Apart from the mysteries of his script, “The woman at the window” has had a production full of twists and turns and surprises around every corner. This film was a project of the 20th Century Fox studio (now integrated into Disney) that was going to be released in theaters in October 2019.

However, the bad reactions in the preliminary audience tests to the first editing of the film postponed its release to May 2020. Later, “The Woman in the Window” ran into theaters closed due to the pandemic and its premiere was suspended until at the end, Netflix acquired the film last summer for its streaming catalog.


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