Netflix Alert: You have just a few days to watch two of Tom Cruise’s most amazing and powerful movies

Both ‘Jack Reacher’ and its sequel ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ are temporarily on the streaming platform. Opportunity to see one of the best collaborations between actor and screenwriter of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.

A shocking crime produced unexpectedly and without apparent cause, told in the form of a crude and violent thriller, but also in a meticulous and very precise way. a surprising success which guaranteed him a sequel, although it did not last longer as a franchise, having a little more luck as a series. We talk about the saga of jack reacher.

Movies starring Tom Cruise are available to watch on the Netflix platform, albeit for a limited time. November 21 is the last day we can see them on the platformand it is better not to miss the opportunity to see one of the best collaborations of the actor with Christopher McQuarrie, his partner in the saga of Mission Impossible and also screenwriter of Top Gun: Maverick.

In the first film, Cruise shares the lead with Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall, and filmmaker Werner Herzog as a terrifying antagonist. Jack Reacher is based on a series of novels by Lee Childs, which have been seeking their chance as film adaptations for some time. The Cruise’s determination to play an adult role and collaborating with McQuarrie gave these stories a great opportunity.

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Based on the novel A shot, we are told a rather shocking crime. A man is the obvious culprit in a mass shooting that has claimed six innocent lives. However, the detainee asks for help jack reacheran ancient military police turned private investigator who roams the country to solve complicated cases. And this case, as we will verify, meets all the ballots.

The film’s main trump card is how it handles suspense, where a well-crafted script goes hand in hand with exquisite direction, which manages to make even the moments of physical violence elegant. Here Cruise goes out of his usual register, with a more morally complex character and more adult that there would be a new creative path in addition to risking his life all the time in complicated and dangerous action scenes.

However, the dreams of a franchise focused on adult audiences were dashed with the failed sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Without McQuarrie and without many of the successes of the first, Edward Zwick’s film did not finish take advantage of another gruesome and intriguing storyas well as a cast with Cobie Smulders and Aldis Hodge in addition to Cruise himself.

Ultimately, the character found new life as a series for Amazon Prime Video. However, it is well worth getting both films back on the Red N platform before they come out, as they are among the most unique films of a Cruise who no longer thinks of anything other than storming the skies in his constant duel with death.

You can see jack reacher Y Jack Reacher: Never go back on Netflix until November 21. They can also be seen on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.

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Netflix Alert: You have just a few days to watch two of Tom Cruise’s most amazing and powerful movies