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Comedian and action cinema legend Jean-Claude Van Damme is invading Netflix. Indeed, no less than ten new films worn by the actor land in the catalog of the streaming platform.

Jean-Claude Van Damme : star the Netflix

Of Belgian origin, Jean-Claude Van Damme is a phenomenon all by himself. Known for his cult lines and his outspokenness in interviews, this actor made a career out of playing in B series, from nanar to big hit. Very young, he devoted himself to dance, martial arts and bodybuilding. It also becomes 17-year-old karate black belt. In 1982, with only a few thousand dollars in my pocket, he decides to go to Hollywood. He began by doing odd jobs, and was among other things a limousine driver, pizza delivery man, carpet installer and dance teacher.

Richard Brumere – The Last Mercenary ©Netflix

Then in 1984, he began his film career by appearing in small roles in second-class productions. After being hired as a big bad on the film Karate tiger, in 1985, his career was launched, and JCVD will chain martial arts films as Kickboxer, Full Contact or Double Impact. If we are talking about Van Damme today, it is because he is back on the front of the stage in the film The Last Mercenary from Netflix. To accompany the release of this film on July 30, the platform has just published in its catalog, this Thursday, July 15, ten new films worn by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Here is the list of the ten JCVD ​​films available on the platform:

In Hell (2003)

Directed by Ringo Lam, and released directly on DVD on French soil, In Hell is far from the most famous JCVD ​​film. In Hell is the third and last collaboration between Ringo Lam and Jean-Claude Van Damme after Replicant and Maximum risk. This feature film plunges JCVD ​​into the hell of the prison environment. Although shot in Bulgaria, the action of the feature film takes place in Russia, a country in which the actor has remained very popular despite his decline in popularity with moviegoers in the late 1990s.

Kyle LeBlanc (Jean Claude Van Damme) - In Hell
Kyle LeBlanc  – In Hell ©Films Corporation

JCVD incarne Kyle Lord, an American worker who emigrated to Russia. After a phone call from his wife, visibly assaulted, he decides to take justice himself, and kills his wife’s murderer. He was then sent to one of the harshest prisons in Russia. For the record, JCVD notably gives the answer to David Leitch, American stuntman and choreographer turned director with John Wick. On the box office side, In Hell a reported the sum of only $ 263,671 in box office receipts …

Point d’impact (2002)

Point d'impact
Point d’impact ©Millennium Films

Directed by Bob Misiorowski, a man renowned for extravagant B-series like Air Panic or Shark alert, the film Point d’impact remains perhaps the biggest success of his career (that is to say…). In this crazy new story, JCVD is a Slovak secret agent who goes to Germany. Her mission: to accompany a young woman carrying a mutant strain of smallpox. Released directly to DVD, Point d’impact is especially the opportunity for Jean-Claude Van Damme to give the reply to his own son: Kristopher Van Varenberg. On the box office side, the feature film only earned $ 297,835 in revenue.

Replicant (2001)

Edward Garrotte (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - Replicant
Edward Garrotte – Replicant ©Millennium Films

Directed by Ringo Lam (again him), Replicant is an iconic production of JCVD ​​filmography. In the 1990s, Jean-Claude Van Damme started many partnerships with action filmmakers from Hong Kong like Tsui Hark, John Woo, Ringo Lam, etc … Replicant is part of this long list of hybrid productions between Hollywood and China. Replicant enjoyed great success with the public. So that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s double performance is still considered to be one of his most successful to this day.

The Order (2003)

Rudy Cafmeyer (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - The Order
Rudy Cafmeyer – The Order ©777 Films Corporation

Directly released on DVD on French soil, The Order is directed by Sheldon Lettich, who also signed Double Impact, Full Contact and The Hard Corps with JCVD. The Order tells how Oscar, brilliant archaeologist, is on the trail of a sacred manuscript in Israel. But the latter disappears without leaving a trace. Rudy (JCVD), his son, goes looking for him. Initially, this role was offered to Steven Seagal, but Jean-Claude Van Damme finally got the contract. Even if The Order remains a second-rate film, it nevertheless allowed Jean-Claude Van Damme to give the reply to an emblematic actor: Charlton Heston, in one of his most recent film appearances.

Inferno (1999)

Eddie Lomax (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - Inferno
Eddie Lomax – Inferno © Millenium Film

Directed by John G. Avildsen (Rocky V, trilogy Karaté Kid), Inferno tells the fate of Eddie, a lonely adventurer, who travels the roads of the American West on a motorcycle. He arrives in Inferno, a small town rife with a bunch of bloodthirsty men. Inferno has a rather special story. Indeed, the filmmaker John G. Avildsen, Oscar winner for the first Rocky, was very unhappy with the end result of Inferno. The collaboration between the filmmaker and JCVD ​​turned into a disaster. John G. Avildsen denied the film and demanded to be credited in the credits under a pseudonym, while Jean-Claude Van Damme himself supervised the final cut of the film released directly on video.

Legionnaire (1998)

Alain Lefebre (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - Legionnaire
Alain Lefebre – Legionnaire ©Long Road Productions

Going to the cinema, Legionnaire is a film by Peter MacDonald, known to be a second-team director. Yet on rare occasions he has toured solo. It is in particular he who has staged The Neverending Story 3 and Rambo III. With Legionnaire, he places his intrigue in Marseille. It tells the fate of Alain Lefebre, a boxer who is under pressure from the Mafia. While he had to lie down in the middle of a fight, the hero refuses, knocks out his opponent and finds himself with the mafia on his back. He then decides to enlist as a legionary in Morocco. Strongly impacted by last minute changes (initially Sheldon Lettich was to direct the film, which was to be an action comedy), Legionnaire however allows JCVD to reconnect with its French-speaking origins.

Black Eagle – The Absolute Weapon (1998)

Black Eagle - The Absolute Weapon
The absolute weapon ©Rotecon B.V.

Black Eagle – the ultimate weapon is an action film with confidential success. In this feature film, Van Damme lends his features to a KGB agent in a team with an American spy, a scenario reminiscent of the film Double Relaxation with Arnold Schwarzenegger released the same year. The film is directed by Eric Karson, a little-known director to whom we owe The Fury of the Just and Angel Town.

The Grand Tournament (1996)

Christopher Dubois (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - The Grand Tournament
Christopher Dubois – The Grand Tournament © MDP Worldwide

This is one of the great classics of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Unique achievement of JCVD, The Grand Tournament marks a turning point in the career of the Belgian actor. The film tells the story of Christophe Dubois, a street acrobat, who takes care of a group of orphans. They steal a briefcase full of money from a dangerous gangster. Christophe flees and hides in the holds of a cargo ship bound for the Far East. Discovered by the crew, he is chained and then freed by pirates who scour the Chinese coast. Lord Dobbs, their leader, notices Christophe’s extraordinary aptitude for combat and decides to make a clandestine combat champion. Unfortunately for Van Damme, The Grand Tournament is considered as a box office failure, with only $ 57 million in revenue, despite the presence of Roger Moore in the casting. The Grand Tournament therefore remains, for the moment, the only achievement of JCVD.

Full Contact (1990)

Léon Gaultier (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - Full Contact
Leon Gaultier – Full Contact ©Imperial Entertainment Corporation

Another great classic of JCVD, Full Contact is directed by Sheldon Lettich. At that time, the feature film served as confirmation for Van Damme, who had just emerged from the successes of Bloodsport and Kickboxer. Made famous for its high-profile fight scenes, the film is also remembered for its iconic poster showing JCVD ​​performing his famous split on a railway track. On the box office side, the feature film grossed more than $ 24 million in revenue (for a budget of 6 million).

Timecop (1994)

Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - Timecop
Max Walker – Timecop ©Largo Entertainment

Inspired by the eponymous comic book, Timecop marks Jean-Claude Van Damme’s third foray into the sci-fi register after Cyborg (1989) and Universal Soldier (1992). In the year 2004, man finally knows how to travel through time, generating a new breed of criminal speculators. The United States therefore created the TEC, an elite unit tasked with controlling all temporal displacement. Timecop is directed by Peter Hyams, an extremely productive filmmaker who notably signed D’Artagnan ave Catherine Deneuve, The end of time with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or even Sudden death with Jean-Claude Van Damme.