National Day – Fireworks are back in the Cher after an almost white year

In his 2020 diary, the pages of July 13 and 14, usually blackened by fireworks orders, had remained white, or almost. Of the 150 fires usually organized in the Cher, Indre, Allier and Vienne – its area of ​​intervention – only a few, like that of Vierzon, had been maintained. The overwhelming majority had joined the box of cancellations. “2020 was a dark year. We held the shock, but months without fireworks, it is morally difficult, ”breathes Bertrand Villatier, manager of the company Cad, distributor of the fireworks Ruggieri.

Here are the fireworks scheduled for this week in the Cher

On the pages of July 13 and 14, his 2021 diary has regained its usual allure. If, on a national scale, big cities like Nancy, Metz or Tours have given up the cracklings and the final bouquet, the sky of the Cher should well, tonight and tomorrow, be illuminated. The services of the prefecture of the department have thus given the green light to about fifty pyrotechnic shows subject to declaration. for July 13 and 14. A watchword addressed to the organizing communities:“Imperatively advocate distancing measures and barrier gestures”


Photo Olivier Martin

The weather is playing the spoilsport

If the pandemic upset the national holiday last year, this time it is the weather’s turn to play spoilers.The threat of rain weighs on the holding of fireworks . And since yesterday, the postponements follow one another. Neuvy-sur-Barangeon and Saint-Florent-sur-Cher have thus announced their decision to upset their calendar for weather reasons. The fireworks scheduled for tonight are respectively postponed to August 14 and 22.Barlieu , who had planned a fire tomorrow, for his part made the choice to postpone it on Friday July 16, when the sky promises to be milder. As for that ofMarmagne , scheduled for this evening, it will take place on Friday July 23. Sancerre

has for its part announced the cancellation of the fireworks show scheduled for tonight on the site of the Caves de la Mignonne, without giving yet another appointment.

“We have put in the means. It will be a strong event in the south of the Cher. The idea is to give pleasure to people for this first big outing ” Emmanuel Riotte

(Mayor of Saint-Amand-Montrond) Among the fireworks canceled due to time, and postponed to a date still unknown: that ofSaint-Amand-Montrond , scheduled at Lake Virlay with the festival committee. “We will work with the various providers to postpone these events (the entire program of the National Day, with the exception of the Déflié, editor’s note) as soon as possible”, assures François Perronnet, chairman of the festival committee. After a year without a pyrotechnic show where priority was given to “protection of the population”, underlines the mayor, Emmanuel Riotte,the promise remains that of a “grandiose” show

. “We have put in the means. It will be a strong event in the south of the Cher. The idea is to give pleasure to people for this first big outing ”, notes the elected official, who does not hide having been moved by finding the crowd on the occasion of the start of the Tour de France stage in Vierzon , on Friday July 2.

Saint-Amand-Montrond: all the festivities around July 14 are postponed; only the military parade scheduled for Tuesday is maintained

In the capital of Boischaut, Loisirs event, de Touchay will officiate. “For me, it is a true symbol of renewal”, assures Philippe Bouland, its manager. After a year 2020 punctuated by only three fireworks and a spring of 2021 under the sign of curfew, July resumes a pace more in line with habits, despite the later fireworks orders and the postponements decided on to the last minute. Reports that do not concern Bourges, which will find its pyrotechnic show at Lake Auron tomorrow after a blank year. “It was not considered to postpone the event,” said the deputy delegate for Culture, Yannick Bedin last night. The singularity, this year, lies in the organization of a single fireworks display on the perimeter of the city, in a context that remains unique. “ We have considered all the possibilities, including the option of not making fireworks. But it would have been a shame to miss out on a popular moment. We have thus decided to program a fire, and only one, by giving up the one at Asnières.


Valerie Mazerolle

Fireworks of category F4 or exceeding 35 kilos of active material.

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