Naomi Watts unrecognizable and in suffering: this painful cliché that she shares on Instagram

Celebrity actress Naomi Watts posted a shocking photo and text on her 53rd birthday. She appears as a child in the photo and reveals to her subscribers the drama which struck her at the time and which marked her life …

On September 28, 2021, actress Naomi Watts celebrated her 53rd birthday. On this occasion, the movie star unveiled on Instagram a photo of her as a child, accompanied by a moving text. At first glance, we do not necessarily immediately recognize the actress and this is why the message that accompanies the snapshot gains strength. In the image in question, she appears in a purple plaid outfit. We recognize her natural blondness and her deep blue eyes. If she is smiling, the little girl actually hides behind this facade a terrible drama …

With emotion, the Briton begins these few lines: “I remember this girl … She was pissed off about that polyester dress itchy. She didn’t know her path yet but had big dreams and loved the magic of believing in them. “

Noami Watts posts heartbreaking Instagram post on birthday

Naomi Watts continues: “Her eyes were large as was the space between her teeth (her mother had assured her that it would bring her luck). Her jaw was a little strained because she ‘had to be a fighter’, angry with the whole world because his father had died just a year beforet, reveals the actress with modesty. But even with a broken heart, she was resilient and hopeful. It’s my birthday today… and I want to tell her that I’m proud of her more than words can tell. “ A magnificent tribute to oneself … Discover the Instagram post below.

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