Naomi Watts remembers her role in the horror film ‘The Ring’ 20 years after its premiere

“Seven days, you will die in seven days”, said a voice on the other side of the telephone line to Rachel Keller, the journalist who naomi watts played in the horror film ‘The Ring’ (‘Ring‘). That role, which appeared in her career after starring in the acclaimed ‘Mulholland Drive’, turned two decades old this Thursday and the British actress remembered it through social networks.

From her Instagram account, the 54-year-old interpreter shared with her more than a million followers a video clip with some terrifying scenes taken from the film, which was a ‘remake’ of a Japanese film entitled ‘Ringu’, based in turn in the novel of the same name by the Japanese writer Kōji Suzuki.

In the caption of your post, Naomi Wartts wrote, “Who knew a videotape would scare everyone?! Where did those 20 years go?” The comment box was soon filled with messages from friends and fans, who highlighted the role of the actress in that fiction. Her character, in the middle of an investigation, experiences unreal situations after seeing a cursed video.

Ring‘ also starred actors Martin Henderson and Brian Cox. In fact, in 2005 a sequel came out in which naomi watts She brought reporter Keller back to life, although this time she shared roles with Elizabeth Perkins, Simon Baker and Sissy Spacek.

Naomi Watts was hesitant to star in ‘The Ring’

Participate in ‘Ring‘ was not an idea that appealed to naomi watts. At least at the beginning. According to him he said in an interview with the magazine People, she had a hard time saying yes until her agent convinced her to join the cast. “I said, ‘I don’t think I can. I’m just not sure. I just don’t know … Then she raised her voice and said, ‘Just say yes. I’m telling you, trust me on this,'” she recalled. What did he say at that time?

Added to the pressure from his agent was a talk he had with director Gore Verbinski, who influenced the decision he would finally make. “She blew me away at the meeting,” the actress noted. And she added that over time, and seeing the results, she feels happy to have been part of that project. “It turned out great! Who knew?”

Currently, naomi watts continues to work on horror productions. She has the leading role in the tape ‘goodnight mommy‘, produced by Amazon Prime Video, and also featured in the Netflix series, ‘The Watcher‘, where he deals with threats, strange neighbors and dire letters.

What seduces Watts about the genre? “There are so many things that come under the umbrella of fear in terms of expression, and so many different emotions to play with,” she said. InStyle. “I went to a screening of Goodnight Mommy, and seeing how people collectively react by screaming, grabbing each other, and then laughing makes it fun,” she added.


I understood that reference

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Naomi Watts remembers her role in the horror film ‘The Ring’ 20 years after its premiere