Naomi Watts and the perfect look to start wearing your wide white pants

Naomi Watts in baggy white pants

TheStewartofNYGetty Images

If there is something in which we always notice that the good weather is beginning to arrive in our lives, it is the change in the range of colors that our closet lives. Darker tones such as black, navy blue, gray or brown give way to more cheerful and lively tones, also combined with some softer ones such as pastel ones.

But of all the garments that we like to rescue with the progressive rise in temperatures, one of our favorites is undoubtedly the white pants. It is worth that they have already become an essential basic throughout the year and we also dare to wear them in winter, but it is now in spring and later in summer, when they live their golden moment.

Now that we still have a few days of changing weather ahead of us, this option cannot be missing from your wardrobe. But beware You have to forget about the classic models of skinny pants and bet on the design that is everywhere: wide pants.

That is precisely what he has done Naomi Watts and her unique style on one of her walks through the streets of New York with her dog. And it has also managed to show us how we can start wearing white pants with basic garments and in warm tones that we all have safe in our closets in one way or another.

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Naomi Watts in baggy white pants

Naomi Watts in baggy white pants.

TheStewartofNYGetty Images

The actress has been photographed with a look that conquers us for many reasons. The first because it is comfortable, stylish but very simple and can be adapted to many moments and situations of the day. The second (and perhaps the most important) for his baggy white pants to last. In an off-white tone and with a high waist, they are perfect if you are looking for a design to visually lengthen your legs and appear taller.

The last reason to applaud your ‘outfit’ is the way you combine it. In camel tones, with a cloth coat, a round neck sweater and a pair of white sneakers. A great example that less is almost always more.

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