“My wife’s story” (with Léa Seydoux): Ildiko Enyedi’s successful bet according to Le Masque

The story of a couple who desire each other as much as they tear each other apart. He is a long-distance captain, she is more mysterious than ever. A relationship born of a simple bet in a café, but which sounds like a romantic initiation in which he loses himself in jealousy and a doubt as gripping as it is mysterious.

Léa Seydoux and Gijs Naber in the film "My Wife's Story" by Ildiko Enyedi
Léa Seydoux and Gijs Naber in the film “My Wife’s Story” by Ildiko Enyedi © Pyramide Films

The film summarized by Jérôme Garcin

A film by the director of “Body and Soul”, who received the Golden Bear in 2017. A long film of 2h50 with the insatiable Léa Seydoux and the Dutchman Gijs Nabert. It is the adaptation of the novel by Milán Füst which tells the story of a long-distance captain who, one day in the 1920s, bets on marrying the first woman who will cross the threshold of the café where he is. . This woman is Lizzy (Léa Seydoux), a Parisian whom he will love passionately as much as he is indifferent to her and she is unfaithful to him.

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Michel Ciment hails a true “masterpiece!”

The critic of the review “Positif” came out amazed as the film is based on the very subtle relationship of these two characters whose personalities remain constantly mysterious:

“A sublime classic film, a masterpiece where everything is constantly suggested, but where nothing is said. It is a very strong film on the relationship between men and women, without ever being simplistic. The director shows the weakness of this man, this ship captain who sees his will to control everything, like on his boat, shatter in front of this woman.

When he meets her, he thinks he’s going to control her like he controls his boat, on which he usually rides out all the storms. Except that there, he wants to possess this mysterious woman who completely escapes him, and of whom we know nothing. A wonderful combination between the mystery that this woman exudes and the fact that this man wants to control everything without power. This woman is reminiscent of “Eyes Wide Shut”.

It’s wonderful because nothing is imposed on us. We are immersed in the mystery of an absolutely sublime period reconstruction, a glittering Paris, and an austere, Protestant Hamburg, where the couple is constantly disintegrating.

Sophie Avon applauds a ‘sumptuously’ modest and moving film

The author and journalist at Sud-Ouest was totally won over by a film that she considers modest, full of the unexpected and which goes beyond a simple romantic initiation. This relationship is all the more unpredictable the further we go, as the filmmaker also leads her viewer by the nose: “It’s a sumptuous film, of an opulent but modest beauty from start to finish, without any solemnity.

It’s a movie that’s very long, but it’s constantly slipping away

It’s also a very playful film punctuated with the unexpected which destabilizes us exactly as it destabilizes Jacob. Even when you think you’re on familiar ground, when you think it’s a film about the romantic initiation of a man who will learn the pangs of passion, of jealousy, the film suddenly takes a direction different ! This male character is very handsome, because by wanting to control everything at the same time, he is moving, and ready for all the inventiveness to please his wife”.

The character is led by the nose as we, spectators, are too!

Xavier Leherpeur more reserved

The producer of the program “Une Heure en Séries” regrets “a slightly frozen staging and an extremely wobbly film which takes a lot of time to tell this metaphorical fire, this romantic conflagration”.

Eva Bettan touched by “the grace of the doubt around which the relationship of the two characters is built”

Eva salutes the feeling of doubt on which the romantic relationship between the two characters is based, which is transposed like a grace that keeps the spectator in suspense until the end of the film.

I find this film wonderful, because it is constantly held together by a form of grace fueled by amorous doubt.

It gives scope to everything thanks to doubt, to worry. Everything is not told to us. Léa Seydoux hides nothing of what she does and, at the same time, she says nothing about herself. A magnificent film that gives 1000 possible interpretations of how worry, doubt, what we generally ignore, strengthens love.

The film

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7 mins

“My Wife’s Story” by Ildiko Enyedi

By Jerome Garcin

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“My wife’s story” (with Léa Seydoux): Ildiko Enyedi’s successful bet according to Le Masque