‘My weight is what it is’: Melissa McCarthy’s overcoming, from suffering from fat phobia to earning US $ 25 million per film

Actress Melissa McCarthy –Sookie St. Jamesen on the Gilmore Girls series- charge today $ 25 million per film.

The figure is juicy in itself. In addition, according to the ranking of Forbes magazine, it places her below only Sofía Vergara, Angelina Jolie y Gal Gadot.

A first leap into those quirky numbers came with the humorous role of the careless best friend of Lorelai Gilmore that he did in that series.

Later, with his character of Megan -the irreverent maid of honor of The wedding of my best– reached another dimension in income. Also in opportunities at your feet.

Melissa Mc Carthy, in Thunder Force, one of his latest bets.

The discrimination that Melissa McCarthy suffered

But the reality is that it was not all applause at the McCarthy’s career. Above all, in its beginnings. Hollywood is known to be the industry par excellence for female stereotypes. And that a successful actress is expected to meet certain aesthetic parameters By others exclusive.

McCarthy He could not escape those commandments. She faced violent and degrading situations and underwent evaluations of her image only available to women (men are exempt from these parameters).

A note from the Smoda site of the newspaper El País says that in a press presentation a journalist asked him without euphemisms: “Isn’t it surprising that you can have a job in this industry despite your tremendous size?” McCarthy knew how to answer with height and with the experience of having experienced the same situations countless times.

Melissa Mc Carthy knows how to stand up to the comments of gordofobia.

Melissa Mc Carthy knows how to stand up to the comments of gordofobia.

“My weight? My weight is what it is. No one asked John Goodman by your measurements, ”she replied.

“It’s as if I’m managing to be successful despite my condition … Would anyone highlight that if I were a male star?” He added with great skill and clarity.

On another occasion, she was spoken of as “The bride of America”, a curious qualifier that was given a few years ago to successful and charismatic actresses. Without much waiting, the one who added “lAmer’s plus-size brideica ”.

Melissa McCarthy earns $ 25 million per movie,

Melissa McCarthy earns $ 25 million per movie,

McCarthy’s first time at the Oscars

Her debut at the DolbyTheatre – the iconic place where the Academy Awards are held – was also permeated by this demand placed on women and that little by little begins to become denatured.

The fact was in 2012, with her nomination for best supporting actress for My best friend’s Wedding. For that occasion, McCarthy asked several designers accustomed to red carpets if they could take care of his look and received a unanimous “no” answer. Finally, she wore a Marina Rinaldi dress.

“I cried a lot lamenting myself for not being thinner or prettier. A decade of crying … I was an idiot, “he said as a closing to these comments.

In addition, he found in the refusal of renowned couturiers an extra streak to his career. She studied apparel design at Fashion Institute of Technology and launched her own brand, Seven7, which is available in large stores.

Marina Rinaldi's first foray into the Oscars, in a Marina Rinaldi dress.

Marina Rinaldi’s first foray into the Oscars, in a Marina Rinaldi dress.

Regarding this project, McCarthy states: “People don’t stop at size 12. I feel like there’s a big issue missing from the person who can’t dress in their mood above a certain number. Segregate clothing stores “Plus-Size” and hide them away from other sectors is wrong ”.

From supporting actress to producer

Another of her revenge was to become the architect of her projects. Already installed as Supporting Actress, decided to go for more. She put together with her husband and creative partner, Ben Falcone, the producer On the Day.

Among his latest forays, is Thunder Patrol, a superhero comedy released in April and available on Netflix.

The sum of these projects is surely for her a sign of a personal and economic mission accomplished.

Because McCarthy he does not hide that he loves money. “I am very ambitious. I love my job and I want to improve every time. We always joke with my husband that I am a shark ”.

The inspirational letter that Melissa Mc Carthy published on her Instagram account.

The inspirational letter that Melissa Mc Carthy published on her Instagram account.

In her 50s, her self-confidence tips

Transiting his 50 years, today McCarthy wants to convey a message of self-confidence to more women. As part of this initiative, she shared on her Instagram a few days ago a note that she had written to herself a few years ago.

These are his word.

“For me”

“In 10 years you will not remember his name.”

“It’s okay to cry.”

“For the love of God, buy yourself two pairs of shoes.”

“Please listen to that little voice inside your head. A walk of shame can be character building. Call Mom. Just eat the damn cookie !!”

“Go with everything, today you will never return.”

A message more than current and premonitory of these difficult times.

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