June 15, 2021

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Musical biopics for everyone: new productions on Cher, Raphael, Kiss and Tommy Lee advance

Musical biopics for everyone new productions on Cher Raphael Kiss

With an enthusiasm coupled with the possibility of reaching a new audience that consumes their favorite artists through the cinema or streaming platforms, the industry is looking with increasing interest at the lives of hundreds of musicians who today are considered mythical or who in the past suffered notorious controversies.

It was perhaps the monumental success of Bohemian Rhapsody (the film that reviewed the rise of Queen to rock stardom) which triggered the renewed interest of the industry and millions of people to know the life, work and hidden plots of musicians that time turned into myths (and not so much) but that in short today they can shine again on the screens. In this context, one of the most notorious stars in the world of music confirmed the making of a documentary film based on his long and notorious life that will hit theaters in the not too distant future.

This is Cher, who confirmed that she gave her confirmation to start working on a biopic about her life. The agreement that includes her as a producer also adds Universal Studios and Eric Roth, who in the past won the Oscar for best screenplay adapted by Forrest Gump and that logically he would write the script for the singer’s story.

Already in train to offer more confirmations, Cher revealed that Gary Goetzman and Judy Craymer will be the producers of the film. Knowing the writer and associated producers, Cher’s life will surely be told on screen from when she used her real name (Cherilyn Sarkisian) until she became one of the divas of world music.

In one more example that the phenomenon of biopics is not limited to the Anglo-Saxon world, a few days ago the Spaniard Raphael announced that since last March an entire production team has been filming a documentary series about his life in an unspecified place in Spain. In the official statement released to the media, it is stated that the images will offer “an intimate portrait that delves into the successes, secrets, fears and dreams of the artist, with unpublished audiovisual material.” In the same way, it was announced that the singer actively participates in the filming with his family.

On the other hand, Raphael himself did not miss the opportunity to communicate with his fans around the world to break the news about what is to come. “Dear friends, thank you very much for your messages! I am happy to inform you that we have been working for months on a very special project: the documentary series celebrating my 60 years of career, “he said on Twitter where he can be seen giving the formal announcement through a video specially created for the occasion.

To the recent confirmation of Netflix announcing the making of a docuseries about Kiss titled Shout it out loud in which they are already working and in which Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, historical leaders of the New York quartet participate, another production that involves an always controversial musician is in the middle of the production process.

Is about Pam and Tommy, an autobiographical series that focuses on the period when Californians drummer Motley Crue and famous model from the 1990s Pamela Anderson were married. It was in those wild years that the robbery and subsequent arrival at the video stores of a sexual filming of the couple became known.

The series will arrive through the Hulu platform and has no release date yet. The direction is in charge of Craig Gillespie and has the production of Dave Franco and Seth Rogen, who also plays on screen the individual who stole and sold the controversial video. Importantly, neither Tommy Lee nor Pamela Anderson participate in any way in the production of the story.

On the other hand, the film that is already ready and awaits its next release is Respect, the film that narrates the life and successful career of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, (who died in August 2018), who before dying gave her consent to bring her life to the big screen. Starring Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, the production will hit theaters in the United States in the first half of August.

At the local level, the premiere of the Fito Páez biopic produced by Netflix is ​​eagerly awaited.