Mourning for Quintero, Kim Jong-un, the great Emma Thompson and the return of Ana Rosa

Jesus Quintero

Jesus Quintero.

Guillermo Serrano Amat

We journalists are not given to mourning, but when death touches us closely, even our soul turns black. On Tuesday of this week I was with my heart in San Juan el Puerto (Huelva), the hometown of Jesus Quintero, colleague and friend, who that same afternoon received the last tribute. It was Jose Antonio Leon, from his correspondent in Bética, who paid honors to Jesús, who had died the day before at the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios residence (Ubrique), where death surprised him while he was peacefully sleeping his siesta. He was 82 years old and since 2001 he was the favorite son of his town.

He had entered the residence thanks to his kind friend, Jesus Lopez Fernandez, called “el nougat” because his family, of humble origin, was dedicated to the itinerant sale of nougat. Over time, he not only became rich, but also turned to philanthropy, with special attention to the people of Ubrique from Cadiz.

Quintero always had a somewhat delicate health. He was depressed, and when he wasn’t taking pills for his heart, he was taking them for his liver or for his head. But he did not recognize the fear that his health would play a trick on him, because if he had recognized it he would have treated him with the pill of silence, which is the closest thing to fear.

He had married in 2020 with Maria, and although his marriage was going through ups and downs, lately he was going through a bad patch, so he decided to enter the Ubrique residence, until he recovered enough to return home. But his stay at Nuestra Señora de los Remedios did not even last a month. On Tuesday mid-afternoon, once the burning chapel was installed in the Sociocultural Center that bears the name of “Jesús Quintero” in San Juan del Puerto, the correspondent of Save me in Andalusia, he fixed his gaze on the camera lens and followed a long and powerful silence. The reporter had the delicacy to replace his scruffy everyday attire with the suit and black tie of funerals, after wetting the curls of his hair with Sunday foam.

However, the most emotional moment of the day that we said goodbye to Jesús Quintero was the one starring Andrea Y Lolahis two daughters, who dedicated words of gratitude to him for the legacy of love they received from the cradle.

Quintero was married three times: once with Angeles Urrutia. another with Joana Bonet. And the third with María, his definitive widow. From her first marriage, Andrea was born, who added a master’s degree in Government and Democracy at the UAB to her journalism degree. Lola, the youngest, studied Politics and Sociology in the UK. Asked about her fondness for Catalan women, Quintero smiled: “It’s no coincidence, I’ve always had a fondness for Catalonia.”

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un.

Guillermo Serrano Amat

Let’s say I’m talking about North Korea, the country presided over by its charismatic leader, Kim Jong Un, whose family tree reproduces the family absolutism of the old European aristocracies. The “dear leader” of the People’s Republic of North Korea inherited power from his father Kim Jong Ilwho was also the father of kim jong nam Y kim jong chulbrothers all of them of the supreme leader.

Kim Jong-un is a character with a large body size (he weighs 130 kilos and measures just over 1.70). He was born in Pyongyang and grew up in Bern (Switzerland). When he returned to his country he already spoke English, German and some other language. He liked the eccentricities so much that he was an overweight child. Late in his teens, he wanted a Korean hairdresser to give him a cut that would create style, and boy did he create it! Several London hairdressers had as a claim a photo of Kim Jong-un adorned with a hairstyle that was all the rage and set the trend. He was half Beatle, half Spanish folklore.

Over time, Kim Jong-un became a plump stuffed man who moved from side to side with a snack swing. It was the closest thing to a toy.

Not long ago, the South Korean intelligence services leaked some details about the precarious health of the leader, who, according to the palace, suffered from frequent discomfort at night. Doctors speculated that joy and nervousness may have been the trigger for the ballistic missiles’ success. Japan trembled.

[Corea del Norte lanza otros dos misiles de corto alcance al mar de Japón]

On Tuesday of this week, images of the leader surrounded by clappers who applauded fervently and encouraged him to dance appeared on North Korean television.

The Prime Minister of Japan, fumio kishida, stated that the launch had been in the direction of Hokkaido, the northernmost island. The Japanese government also ordered citizens to use the shelters.

Meanwhile, in North Korea the population was a party. The merriment was felt in the palace of the supreme leader, where the fountains of spring rolls flowed. And that a week before, the diet cabinet of the great chief proclaimed that Kim Jong-un had lost forty kilos.

The Japanese live days of anxiety. The memory of the 70s has returned, when North Korea planned the kidnapping of a group of Japanese who have not yet woken up from the horror.

emma thompson

Emma Thompson.

Emma Thompson.

Guillermo Serrano Amat

Everyone has their favorite actors and actresses. My favorite among the actors is already dead and gone, but I bring him back to life every time I see one of his movies. I am referring to one of those unquestionable men who have passed through the cinema turned into gods. they called him Marlon Brando and was one of the most powerful and emblematic figures that Hollywood has illuminated.

And if Brando was the greatest actor, now we surrender to Emma Thomson all of us who this year have seen her playing the role of a 63-year-old woman who discovers sexuality with a twenty-year-old boy who sells his body online.

Of the movie Good luck big Leoerotic and feminist, half-comic, half-dramatic, I was struck by the lack of retouching and the serene face, as well as the constant foreboding of actors who, before starting the film, had already done exit for the forum.

[El discurso feminista de Emma Thompson: “Nos lavan el cerebro para que odiemos nuestros cuerpos”]

Excuse me for speaking with such exaltation about Thomson’s film, but I see it as amazing and extraordinary. She would only change her for another with the same name and had no qualms about looking like her.

The real Emma has talked about her full nude. She has never done a scene as difficult as this. “In Hollywood they wouldn’t do full nudity like that,” she says. She is right. At most, they would give him the option of looking slightly in the mirror, supporting his hand, or tilting his head slightly. The woman she was, is and continues to be Emma Thomson. She has won it all and she is the one that impacts us the most. To me, at least.

From Thomson I also keep her powerful profession of feminism. It was when she slammed the door on the production company Skydance for having signed John Lasseter, the man who “grabbed, kissed and commented on physical attributes”. In a letter to the newspaper Los Angeles TimesEmma said: “If people who have spoken out don’t take sides, things are unlikely to change at the pace needed to protect the women of my daughter’s generation. I do it for them.”

Anna Quintana

Anna Rosa Quintana.

Anna Rosa Quintana.

Guillermo Serrano Amat

She arrived silent and not quite smiling, perfectly dressed, as she always does when she returns to work after a vacation or illness. They all stood in silence watching Joaquin Prat He approached her and opened his arms to her like a son.

Joaquín is the perfect student who does his homework well. I have followed him since he joined the program and he has seemed like the brilliant student that is always missing. no wonder that Ana Rose breathe easy when you take a low.

Prats also organizes a gathering that puts himself in charge of an investigation team to unravel one of those gangs that are looking for soccer players’ houses to rob them. I don’t know if that figure exists in the structure of the program, but Joaquín is a perfect assistant director, a book editor-in-chief.

The communicator lived until now in constant anxiety for a take away from me there that Rociito Floresor that “Antonio Da” whom his ex baptized as “entity” for the greater glory of the Chipiona family.

Ana Rosa is already breathing calmly. Peace has returned to the patio of her house. Until Lecquio he smiles gleefully.

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Mourning for Quintero, Kim Jong-un, the great Emma Thompson and the return of Ana Rosa