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“Here’s an idea of ​​how dedicated, how brave and how resourceful people can be in desperate situations. If you tell me you put a person in an impossible escape situation and they pull it off, my main interest is how they did it.”Freeman explained about the strip in statements to the international press.

With dramatic recreations, narrations and state-of-the-art visual effects -created with the Unreal Engine 3D animation software-, “Great Escapes” reviews eight well-remembered episodes through the testimonies of protagonists, family members, prison guards, cellmates and other people involved in reconstructing the world’s most elaborate leaks.

“I think what’s fascinating is the very fact that they dared to try. We’re going to be on the side of daring, of heroic effort, no matter who or what. If we see it, we’re going to cheer for them, we’re not going to be able to believe.” that they’ve done it, and every time we get to a point where they’re stuck, they become your heroes,” The actor admitted other titles such as “Driving Miss Daisy” (1989) and “Dreams of Freedom” (1994).

In addition, he commented that the series produced by Geoffrey Sharp Y James Younger will display accurately “the step by step, the details of what they did moment by moment, week by week and year by year”: “Breaking out of a maximum-security prison is probably one of the boldest endeavors humans can afford, and the amount of ingenuity, courage and perseverance it takes is probably one of the most fascinating things about human nature.” he added.

Lastly, regarding the penitentiary systems and their operation, Freeman believed that it is necessary “a place to house antisocial people, because the criminal mind is above all antisocial.”

“Prisons and correctional facilities are known, they are punishment. If you do something bad, you will be punished, you will pay for it and you will lose your freedom, your privileges as a free human being. I think we need it. It’s misused, but what isn’t? concluded.

The first episode will focus on the case of “El Chapo” Guzmán, the drug trafficker and leader of the Sinaloa Cartel who managed to escape from two maximum security prisons, first in 2001 in Jalisco, and then in 2015 in El Altiplano. through a 500-meter tunnel that he dug for half a year.

Meanwhile, the second chapter will recount the escape that occurred in 1962 in Alcatraz, at that time considered the most secure prison in the United States, for Frank Morris Y John and Clarence Anglin, who managed to evade all the security guards and to this day remain at large.

For its part, the third installment will focus on the story of the escape from Dannemora prison, which was also made into fiction by Patricia Arquette, Benicio del Toro Y paul dano in “Escape at Dannemora”, the acclaimed 2018 series that can be seen in Argentina on the Paramount+ platform.

This is a controversial case that occurred in 2015 in which Richard Matt Y David Sweattwo men housed with life sentences in that unit, used the engineering intelligence and psychological manipulation of several prison employees, including Joyce Mitchell, who is sexually and lovingly deceived by the pair of accomplices.

The other cases that will be part of the series -which can be seen every Saturday- include the escape of six inmates from the Pittsburgh State Penitentiary in 1997, the escape from Stalag -a German prison camp in World War II-, the 1983 Maze jailbreak in Northern Ireland, the case of the killers Timothy Vail Y Timothy Morgan and his escape from the New York prison of Elmira, and the escape of James EarlRay, the murderer convicted of the murder of Martin Luther King.

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Morgan Freeman recounts for the History channel the most memorable prison escapes in “Great Escapes” – Impulsobaires