Mood note: So it’s very expensive! | Reflect

I put fewer and fewer things in my grocery cart. (Picture: Depositphotos)

How’s your portfolio doing?

Personally, I feel bleeding from all sides, all sides.

Gasoline that stays above $1.50 per litre. I still can’t get over each fill-up. At the time, we wrote a short story when gas stations raised prices to more than $0.75 per liter, with a photo. It was a big headline. Normand, one of my former colleagues, could confirm my statements.

The increasingly expensive grocery store. Just the other night, I came home with just one bag under my arm and a bill for over $50. I had almost no meat, essentials and special products…

In addition, I had monitored the price of each item before putting it in the cart. No question of spending blindly. At that moment, I saw myself younger with my mother in the aisles. While she sometimes allowed me to put ONE item of my choice in the basket to please myself.

Lately, I feel a lot of empathy for large families or those with teenagers in the midst of a growth spurt…

“The good thing about inflation is that when you go to the supermarket with $20, you get out faster than a year ago.”

-Alda Cammarota

Add to that the – still – increase in electricity costs since the spring, rising mortgage interest rates, higher restaurant bills, etc

This, while our investments have still not recovered. They fell during the pandemic and nothing has gone right since. I stopped watching every week. Because either it depressed me or it worried me.

The $50 increase in the bill for my snow removal contract is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I understand that the company is struggling with inflation, but at the same time, I don’t understand. I also suffer from inflation on all sides. To whom can I pass on part of the bill for my part? To no one. My income remains unchanged, unless there is a salary increase.

Results? My purchasing power is dwindling.

I remember hearing my parents say that everything had become too expensive. That in time, this or that business did not cost so much before.

I smiled for a long time listening to them. But I’m about to reach the same psychological threshold.

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Mood note: So it’s very expensive! | Reflect