Mobile plan: the ultimate trick to pay less with the 200 GB RED by SFR plan

The BIG RED operation at RED by SFR is back with the 200 GB mobile plan on a mega promo. Without obligation, take advantage of this exceptional good plan to change your mobile plan. Find out how to take advantage of this incredible trick to pay less for your mobile plan.

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Discover the good plan RED by SFR 100 GB mobile plan

RED by SFR is relaunching its BIG RED operation and offering this year’s offer for 2022. Until 04/20, the 200 GB mobile plan is at 15 euros/month instead of 25 euros. An incredible promo on the star package from RED by SFR. An offer without commitment and without price increase. Taking advantage of the quality of the SFR network, you will no longer have any network problems and will be able to stay connected in all circumstances.

Mobile plan: what are the advantages of the 200 GB RED by SFR plan?

In terms of price and network quality, RED by SFR mobile plans are among the best on the market in every respect. Take advantage of the 200 GB package from RED by SFR without commitment at 15 euros per month instead of 25 euros. An incredible offer for a mobile plan with countless qualities.

Benefit from 200 GB of data with a 17 GB envelope to Europe and the overseas departments. You will have access to unlimited calls, SMS/MMS to mobiles and landlines in France but also to the countries of the European Union and the overseas departments. And a little bonus, take advantage of 100 GB of SFR Cloud storage to store and access all your documents easily.

With 200 GB, you can watch up to 200 episodes of a series in streaming, listen to up to 2,400 hours of music, watch videos in full HD for nearly 200 hours or even consult more than 400,000 web pages.

How to keep your number by choosing the RED by SFR mobile plan?

To subscribe to the RED By SFR 200 GB non-binding plan without having to change your number, you will first need to subscribe to the package and fill in your RIO (Operator Identity Statement available by free call to 3179). All you have to do is add 10 euros to your order to get your new triple-cut SIM card, shipped within 48 hours.

Discover the good plan RED by SFR 200 GB mobile plan

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Mobile plan: the ultimate trick to pay less with the 200 GB RED by SFR plan