Millie Bobby Brown y Paige Brown

Many believed that the famous actress Millie Bobby Brown was an only child, but as she became more famous, more details of her personal life and her family were revealed, one of the most sought-after topics being the relationship between Millie Bobby Brown y Paige Brown, who is the older sister of the actress.

The protagonist of Stranger Things She has 3 more siblings counting Paige, two of them being older than her, while Ava Brown is her younger sister, but if they share something despite their age, it is an incredible family union that has become very popular with their fans.

We recently told you about Millie Bobby Brown and Ava Brown but now it’s the turn of Paige Brown, the older sister of all, and who has gained great influence and popularity thanks to her sister’s success as Eleven and in franchises like Godzilla.

Photos of Millie Bobby Brown and Paige Brown

The photos of the sisters leave their fans delighted

Paige Brown She is not as well known as Millie, although little by little she has made her way into the world of social networks, especially after the production of ‘A time Lost’ was announced through the plataforma de streaming Netflix, a project whose script she wrote with her sister and will be released very soon, which could catapult her to Hollywood if the film is successful.

Likewise, photos of the famous sisters have begun to spread, where Millie’s fans have shown Paige that they will support her in her next projects, so it cannot be downloaded that in the not too distant future we will see her starring in her own films.

How old is Paige, Millie Bobby Brown’s sister?

Paige is the oldest of the 4 Brown brothers

We inform you in The Truth News that Paige Brown is currently 24 years old, and is the oldest in the actress’s family, followed by Charlie, Millie and Ava, only a couple of years apart from each other, which has helped them have a very good sibling relationship.

Because they are older and both are women, it is said that Paige’s relationship with her younger sister is better than that of Millie Bobby Brown and Charlie Brown, and is that although they get along, their chemistry is not as great as with her sisters.

How old was Millie Bobby Brown when she recorded Stranger Things?

Millie started her career very young

It is impossible not to relate to Millie Bobby Brown with Eleven, the role that brought him world fame when he was barely 14 years old, and since then he has not stopped participating in some of the most successful film and television projects of recent years.

Being sisters it is expected that Millie Bobby Brown y Paige Brown Help each other in the artistic world, since in the photos of Millie Bobby Brown as a child, Paige is seen taking care of her forever, so now the young star could return the favor by supporting her in her career.

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