Millie Bobby Brown surprises with new look for next movie

Millie Bobby Brown surprised her fans with a new look. And it is that the young actress, known for playing raise in stranger things, it transforms again for your next project.

And it is that the young actress officially began to record her new movie, The Electric Slate, for the Russo brothers. A) Yes, The images from the film set quickly went viral.

Millie Bobby Brown debuts new look

Account FilmUpdates, posted photos of Millie Bobby Brown’s new look. the star of stranger things premiered one platinum hair with a grunge aesthetic which shows that the style, once again, is a trend.

All this as part of the new Netflix movie that will be directed by none other than the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame, The Gray Man). Millie Bobby Brown will be the protagonist of the tape that will be released in 2023.

Millie Bobby Brown

The film will focus on an orphaned teenager (Millie Bobby Brown), traveling through retro-futuristic America, accompanied by her mysterious robot. Together, they must search for their lost younger brother

This is the new collaboration between the actress and the streaming platform. It should be remembered that Millie Bobby Brown is not only the star of Stranger Things, but protagonist and producer of Enola Holmes.

The Electric Slate
The Electric Slate

In a couple of weeks, on November 4, the long-awaited sequel will be released. The actress will play the young sister of Sherlock Holmeswho now works as an official detective solving a mysterious new case.

For their part, the Russo Brothers continue to work with Netflix on big budget projects. After the epic The Gray Man, it was reported that this New movie with Millie Bobby Brown could cost more than 200 millions and would be one of the most expensive in the history of the platform.

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Millie Bobby Brown surprises with new look for next movie