Millie Bobby Brown: sa marque «Florence by Mills» chez Target !

On her Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown shared a new video to announce the arrival of her brand “Florence by Mills” at Target!

If Millie Bobby Brown is quite discreet on social networks, she never misses an opportunity to promote her brand “Florence by Mills”. And the least we can say is that she is a real hit.

Millie Bobby announces very good news

On social networks, Millie Bobby Brown very rarely reveals her daily life to her fans. On the other hand, she does not hesitate to put forward his many pro projects. During the year, she revealed her collab ‘with Converse, for example.

Very often, Millie Bobby Brown also promotes new collection of beauty products for its brand “Florence by Mills”. This weekend, she also confided in her fans about the latter.

She revealed that a surprise was coming very soon. She also let her subscribers guess what surprises she could well prepare for them. At the start of the week, she also made a very big announcement.

This Monday, August 16, she shared a new Story video from her Instagram account. The actress of Stranger Things or Enola Holmes, revealed that her brand finally landed at Target. Incredible news for his fans.

If the latter had gotten into the habit of being a book, from now on, they will be able to buy Millie Bobby Brown’s products directly in Target supermarkets. It seems from elsewhere very happy with this news.

One thing is certain, it is a new success for the young woman. She may well be a hit with the appearance of her brand in the store. It remains to be seen what other surprises she is preparing for the sequel.

Florence by Mills: a tribute to her grandma

About the creation of her brand “Florence By Mills”, Millie Bobby Brown had given information. In an interview with WWD, the pretty blonde had confided that she had a true passion for makeup since always.

Millie Bobby Brown had revealed: “I have been constantly sitting in a makeup chair since I was 10 or 11 years old and I have really been initiated into all types of products« . But that’s not all.

She revealed the real reasons that led her to create her own brand of cosmetics. She confessed: »I wanted to enter the beauty sphere because there was a gap in the youth market« .

The young woman also explained: “I never found anything that I would have liked to put on my face« . As a reminder, she works on vegan-only products for her brand “Florence by Mills”.

It wants to be respectful of the environment at all costs. This is a really very important thing for Millie Bobby Brown. The latter makes very careful with the planet. The actress also wants her brand to adapt to all skin types.

About the name of her brand, she chose Mills because it is the nickname given by her relatives. Regarding Florence, it was the first name of his deceased grandmother. It is to pay tribute to him that she chose his first name.