Millie Bobby Brown revealed how Eleven from Stranger Things saved her from being sanctioned

Stranger Things is the most successful English series on Netflix. This has given its main character Millie Bobby Brown worldwide fame due to her character in the series, and apparently some influence when it comes to issues related to the law.

stranger things premiered the 9-episode season 4 at the end of May. A delivery that led it to become the drama in English with the most views on the streaming platform Netflix. The writers are currently active in preparing the scripts for the fifth installment, whose premiere episode title was revealed, while the cast and crew are getting ready to start filming in early 2023.

Millie Bobby Brown revealed how Eleven from Stranger Things saved her from being fined

With season 5, Stranger Things fans will have the opportunity to see the return of all their favorite characters. In fact, a recent theory hints that Eddie Munson could return in a very particular way, some viewers say, however, keep in mind that everything is based on speculation.

Millie Bobby Brown will also reprise her main character, Eleven, in Stranger Things season 5. A series that launched her to stardom after appearing in some television programs with minor roles. Even the actress stands out with a lot of influence in the successful franchise Enola Holmes as executive producer, the second part of which premiered last week on Netflix.

It turns out that Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t just have influence on Stranger Things and Enola Holmes. The actress who stars in the Netflix fiction and thriller series that was created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, during her appearance on the WIRED series, where celebrities answer some of the most frequently asked questions that Google receives about them, revealed that he used the hit drama to get out of some speeding tickets.

“Yes. I got my driver’s license when I was 15 and a half. No, actually, I’m sorry. I got my apartment when I was 15 and a half and then I got my driver’s license when I was 16. I’m a very good driver,” Brown told Wired. “In fact, I was only stopped twice before and only showed him the old [tatuaje de Once] and let me go. She was terrified, but I didn’t actually get fined, which is great.”

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Stranger Things’ Eleven Tattoo Saved Her From Some Speeding Tickets

The co-creators of Stranger Things, Ross and Matt Duffer, recently revealed that it will take a long time to see the fifth and final season, an installment that will be quite emotional. As Ross recently told The Wrap, the reveal of season 5 as the last left Netflix execs in tears.

Stranger Things Season 4 was split into two different parts. The first 7 episodes are currently streaming on Netflix and were followed by two additional episodes on July 1. After Season 4, the streaming service has announced that Season 5 will be the last installment of the show. Shawn Levy and The Duffer Bros return to direct the majority of season 4 of the fictional drama with the return of the original cast.

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Millie Bobby Brown revealed how Eleven from Stranger Things saved her from being sanctioned