Millie Bobby Brown is already filming ‘Electric Russo’, the new blockbuster by the Russo brothers for Netflix

With Enola Holmes 2 ready to premiere on Netflix, it will be on Friday, November 4, and waiting for the fifth season of stranger things, Millie Bobby Brown she keeps very busy. A tight schedule of hers in which her participation in The Electric State of the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo with which both also repeat with Netflix and, like the espionage thriller the unseen agentcounting with a huge budget of 200 million dollars.

Based on the graphic novel by the Swedish artist, musician and designer Simon Stalenhagpublished between us with the title of The Electric State, financed by crowdfunding through a Kickstarter campaign and a best-selling phenomenon, will take us to a post-apocalyptic worlddespite the fact that the action takes place in 1997, with its protagonist, an orphaned teenager named Michelle, in the company of his faithful yellow robot Skip, traveling across the United States to try to find his brother.

However, what it offers us is a devastated territory dominated by the ruins of gigantic battle drones scattered on the field and the discarded garbage of a high-tech consumer society addicted to a virtual reality system. Virtually hopeless, what looms on the horizon in the near future is the end of civilization.

And although it is still too early to be able to sink your teeth into any image of the film, DigitalSpyvia the link on his Twitter account, shows at least a few photos on the set with Millie Bobby Brown.

The Electric State has also put together a cast that will also include Chris Pratt, Michelle Yeoh, Stanley Tucci, Brian Cox either Jenny Slatealthough the role of some of them would not be to appear on the screen but surely to give the voice to characters in CGI .

The project has been trying to develop for years. In fact, in 2017 it was announced that it would be Andy Muchiettithe director of the two installments of Item of Stephen King, who would get behind the cameras. Ultimately, it will be the Russos, but Muschietti remains on board as one of the producers.

They have been in charge of adapting the script Christopher Marcus Y Stephen McFeelywriters of Vdeceivers: endgame, infinity war and several more Marvel Studios movies. And as for Simon Stålenhag, let us remember that his work stories of the loop It also had a great adaptation in the Amazon Prime Video series of the same title.

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Millie Bobby Brown is already filming ‘Electric Russo’, the new blockbuster by the Russo brothers for Netflix