June 11, 2021

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Millie Bobby Brown: «Godzilla vs Kong» cartonne au box-office !

1623380068 Millie Bobby Brown Godzilla vs Kong cartonne au box office

Millie Bobby Brown multiplies the successes with her film projects! Like Godzilla Vs Kong which shatters all records.

Millie Bobby Brown is the actress of the moment! Lately the teenager has delighted her audience playing in the movie « Godzilla Vs Kong ». The feature film directed by Adam Wingard has also met with great box office success. MCE TV shows you everything.

Millie Bobby Brown has not finished wowing us

To this day, Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Born in 2004 in Spain, she was interested in the theater from an early age and lived for a long time in England with all his family.

Subsequently, the actress moved to Florida. She cut her teeth in a multidisciplinary school and theretakes singing, theater. But also dancing!

It is via a show from his establishment that the young woman gets noticed by an agent who advises him to make a career in Los Angeles.

Aware the great potential of their daughter, his parents did not hesitate to move to California. The rest, you know it!

Millie Bobby Brown joins a prestigious AGENCY and At just 9 years old, he landed his 1st roles. Like “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”. Without forgetting: “NCIS” or even “Intruders”.

She also stars in “Modern Family” and “Grey’s Anatomy”. Despite Millie Bobby Brown’s contracts, shis family is struggling to make ends meet.

They end up returning to England. In the process, the young woman lands the role of Eleven in “Stranger Thing”. The jackpot for the actress!

For the purposes of filming, the teenager gives everything. The star shaves her head entirely. And to soak up the atmosphere of fiction, she watch countless movies from the 80s.

Since everything is rolling for Millie Bobby Brown ! Thanks to his notoriety and his talent, the greatest directors fight to work with it.

Godzilla VS Kong (Millie Bobby Brown) bat des records au box-office !
Godzilla VS Kong (Millie Bobby Brown) bat des records au box-office !

The actress had a great time on the set of Godzilla VS Kong

Despite the pandemic, Millie Bobby Brown did not have time to look inches. Quite the contrary!

In addition to the management of its cosmetics brand “Florence By Mills”, the star also delighted her admirers by playing in « Godzilla vs Kong » d’Adam Wingard.

Passionate about creatures of all kinds, the star was very quickly conquered by the scenario of the film. As Godzilla and King Kong decide to go head-to-head, humanity wonders about future life!

“They are not big scary monsters. For us now they are beautiful creatures ”, has also underlined the actress about the two titans for « The Sydney Morning Herald » on March 25.

On screen, Millie Bobby Brown plays the role of Madison Russel who does her best to understand the behavior of Godzilla. Obviously, the businesswoman only keeps good memories on this shoot.

« It was a lot of fun, because it added a so charming mystical and surreal element ”, she explained for the famous media.

But also : ” It is something that I have never experienced before. It’s so beautiful and so magical, and it takes you out of the real world and into this world ”.

Through this film project, Millie Bobby Brown also befriended Julian Dennison who played Madison’s friend in the feature film.

“Julian and I have does FaceTime “, assured the teenager. « We texted each other almost every night about what we were going to do the next day. We spent endless nights discussing what we were going to do on set ”.

A perfect match for Adam Wingard

In this time of health crisis “Godzilla Vs King” sorti last March in a dark room will have had the merit of not going unnoticed.

Aware that many theaters would keep their doors closed for a few more months, the Warner Bros. teams took advantage of their platform, HBO Max, to unveil the film to the general public!

A brilliant idea and success was obviously there. Even though the story is thrilling, the casting is just as successful.

Indeed, Alexander Skarsgard and Rebecca Hall play alongside Millie Bobby Brown. Something to titillate the most curious!

According to “ComicBook”, “Godzilla vs King” would have grossed over $ 98.3 million 9 weeks after release ! Something to delight the director, but also all the teams of the film.

In addition, Adam Wingard’s film is also expected to be available in 4K, on Blu-ray Combo Pack and on DVD from June 15. In short, good news!

According to “We Got This Covered”, Millie Bobby Brown is already ready to play in a new strand of fiction. Director in her spare time, the actress has already submitted some ideas.

“She wants them to add giant robots in the MonsterVerse. That way she could be with them and fight against the monsters ”, explained Daniel Richtman who knows the star well. Case to be continued, we tell you!

Godzilla VS Kong (Millie Bobby Brown) bat des records au box-office !
Godzilla VS Kong (Millie Bobby Brown) bat des records au box-office !